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Evansville Elementary breaks ground on new greenhouse

On Tuesday, July 14 Evansville Elementary broke ground on what will become a greenhouse just north of their campus.  Students will learn through different uses of the greenhouse space – in many different subjects. And of course, the project will teach kids about healthy, nutritious, locally-produced foods. A number of organizations are partnering with Evansville Elementary on the project. “This has been a huge collaboration between the Casper Community Greenhouse, Evansville Elementary, the town of Evansville, and Sinclair Oil,” said LeAnn Miller of the Casper Greenhouse Project. “These people have really made this possible.” The plan is for the greenhouse to be fully constructed by the time school starts in September.


(left to right) Former Evansville Elementary principal Mike Britt (now Centennial JH principal), an Evansville Elementary student, and Evansville Elementary principal Wayne Tuttle prepare to break ground on the greenhouse project


Evansville Elementary teacher Dirk Andrews stands with the Evansville Elementary

summer school community as they plan to cut the ribbon for the beginning of

construction on the Evansville greenhouse


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