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KWHS Trojan Trek Guest Blogger, Emma Meyer: How Beautiful It Is!

Editor’s note: Over the next several weeks, we will feature guest blogs from Kelly Walsh High School students. They will share their personal story of why they are involved in the upcoming Trojan Trek to benefit the Angels Cancer Care Program.

How beautiful it is.

I find it remarkably and wonderfully ironic how hopeful our myriad of trials and tribulations tend to be. It is possible to laugh through tears, to smile under waves of melancholy, and to feel moments, however fleeting, of serenity in times of exceeding despair. In every morning bird’s song, in every glimmer of a child’s eye, in every troop that comes home, in every cancer patient that survives, there is hope.

It is easier said than done, but how important it is to rejoice in our many kinds of suffering. Facing the swell of trials develops perseverance, in turn developing character, in turn enforcing the hope that surrounds us all. Through this steadfast perseverance and gumption, are we made complete. We mature, we grow, we thrive, and we learn. As people our trials mold us into the evolved beings we are set to become.

I have never been faced with the journey of fighting cancer. Like nearly every single one of us however, I have been affected by the effects of cancer on ones close to my heart. Cancer is no easy deal by far; a mere baby could tell you that. I have seen cancer patients of every age weep at the sight of a freely provided Thanksgiving meal. I have held a grown man in my arms as he hugged me tightly, smiling from ear to ear, over a simple act of a thoughtful card. Cancer is an ugly face, but how beautiful it is.

How beautiful it is that our trials encourage perseverance, that our struggles result in endless amounts of hope, that our stories propose wisdom. We can persevere, but we can not do so alone. With the community of Casper alongside offering support can the Angel’s Fund continue to provide for local cancer patients in ways that may seem minuscule, but hold incredible joy.

We pray you join us at the Trojan Trek.


Emma Meyer is a recent graduate of Kelly Walsh High School. She served on the Executive Board of the Kelly Walsh Student Council her senior year, and will continue student government in college. Coming this Fall she will be pursuing a degree in Journalism and Marketing Communications at the University of Wyoming.


Here’s how you can help – Call 307.253.2091 to schedule your hour(s) to walk. Next, either collect pledges or make a personal donation for the cause. KWHS student council leaders recommend a $100 donation for each hour walked, yet ALL donations will be accepted! Please make checks to WMCF Angels Cancer Care Program and deliver to the main office at Kelly Walsh High School. Lastly, recruit ALL of your family and friends to participate in this amazing event!


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