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KWHS Trojan Trek- Guest Blogger Caleigh Shines Bright!

Editor’s note: Over the next several weeks, we will feature guest blogs from Kelly Walsh High School students. They will share their personal story of why they are involved in the upcoming Trojan Trek to benefit the Angels Cancer Care Program.


In everyone’s life, we are impacted by something. This being a person, or place, or action, we all have had a lasting effect on our lives. And in each of these situations, we are all connected. And this connection could be devastating, but beautiful at the same time.

When walking into classrooms and asking if anyone has been touched by the hand of cancer, in any form, everyone raises their hand. This in itself is powerful. Something poisonous like cancer that people fight against everyday is bringing others together.

My relationship with the Angels is one of those examples. Sometimes I forget that down the street, my neighbor gets back from chemotherapy at the same time I get home. When I go to the store, the man with the oxygen tank is buying the same type of Apple as me. Even my prom date this year cut his hair to show support for a little boy with cancer.  And that support is contagious and I was connected just because I prayed for this boy.

These small things connect us. And everyday, that connection grows, even without our notice.

I have had my eyes open with the Angels Cancer Care Program and I strive to strengthen those connections to make someones day brighter. I have been blessed with my connection and I will shine my brightness to help make someone smile.


Here’s how you can help – Call 307.253.2091 to schedule your hour(s) to walk. Next, either collect pledges or make a personal donation for the cause. KWHS student council leaders recommend a $100 donation for each hour walked, yet ALL donations will be accepted! Please make checks to WMCF Angels Cancer Care Program and deliver to the main office at Kelly Walsh High School. Lastly, recruit ALL of your family and friends to participate in this amazing event!


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This entry was posted on June 5, 2015 by in Community, Home - Inside NCSD, In Focus.

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