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C&I group wraps up school-year meetings

Division Stakeholder Committees have been created to assist divisions in obtaining input and feedback on tasks assigned to divisions by Cabinet. The Committees are recommending bodies to their respective divisions and ultimately Cabinet. The Committees will use a consultative decision making process in formulating recommendations to their respective division and Cabinet.

At the May 21 meeting Walt Wilcox, NCSD’s Associate Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction, led the committee through a review of the previous meeting’s minutes and norms and then introduced the transformation work item which was led by Kelly Hornby, C&I’s Executive Director.

Hornby told the committee that the CAPS name is trademarked by a school in Kansas City. The school offered to allow NCSD to use the name for a fee; something that Hornby said we could be interested in if a partnership was more geographically feasible. Instead, the district will undergo a renaming process. Next, Hornby told the group about the “design camp” experience that recently occurred with the Wonder by Design training session. This training will continue with Wonder by Design in the coming year. Next, Hornby told the committee that if the academies building was ready to open in January 2016 as originally planned, 628 students had identified an interest in taking classes in that building. Instead, the building will not open until fall semester in 2016, allowing for more time to attract more students to the opportunities in the academies. Wilcox added that the academy coaches continue to work on curriculum articulations and the partnership with Casper College for dual enrollment. Discussion then centered on teacher interest in the academies, a common high school schedule, and the readiness for programs to begin in the new building in September 2016.

Next, the group received an update from Wilcox about the latest efforts regarding the Standards-Based work. The English/Language Arts and Health subject area committees and the Curriculum Coordinating Council all met this week, with the Health group wrapping up their work. Next, Fine & Performing Arts, Physical Education, and Social studies will begin their work. Danna Anderson clarified that the math work will be a fine-tuning process and not an overhaul because that work recently took place. Jon Lever, NCSD’s assessment coordinator, said initial indicators show improvement in math assessment numbers from Spring 2014 to Spring 2015. The group then spoke about various assessment issues with Lever, including connectivity while testing. The district is working hard to not only work on content issues with assessments but also with the way that the assessments are delivered.

Next, Wilcox reminded the committee about the three topics that subcommittees have worked on in the area of Athletics/Activities. The three topics are: Undue Influence, Horizontal and Vertical Alignment of Athletics, and the Cut Policy. The draft administrative regulations will be presented to school principals this summer.

Next, Wilcox spoke about NCSD’s stakeholder structure in the 2015-16 school year. Association Stakeholder Feedback has indicated that the bi-monthly Thursday meetings are well received, and will continue next year. Wilcox hinted at future work between the C&I and HR stakeholder groups. He also said next year the group will work to have tighter, more specific agendas set for the next meeting.

Next, the group heard from employee representation groups:

SEIO: No items.

NCEA: Sheila McHattie stressed the importance of the communication pieces from these meetings so they can report back to the larger populations.

NCASE: Marie Puryear said NCASE has a request to make the “Behavior” tab accessible to teachers for certain years within Infinite Campus once again (this permission was once available). Wilcox answered that this is a FERPA issue, and that is partly why it is restricted. Hornby added that the permissions are an “all or nothing” type of issue. IT staff is looking to see if the access can be given on a class-by-class basis. The possibility exists to give permissions to schools’ at-risk coordinators.

NCAESS: No items.

The C&I Stakeholder group will break for the summer and will meet again in September. 

Attendance: Walt Wilcox, Kelly Hornby, Danna Anderson, Aaron Wilson, Sheila McHattie, Wayne Tuttle, Norm Cox, Sarah Prosinski, Marie Puryear, Jill Felbeck-Jones, Dean Braughton, Michelle Blake, Jon Lever, Allen Bruggman

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