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Interested in teaching field science? This class is for you!

Teaching Field Science – NASC 5959

For: This class if for individuals that are interested in teaching outdoor education classes. This can include teaching Elementary Field Science, Field Science for High School Students, Teacher’s Field Science or teaching Field Science to Adults.

When: June 8 through June 12, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM.

Where: The class will meet at the Wyoming Game and Fish offices at 3030 Energy Lane, Suite 100, Casper, Wyoming 82604.

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites. Open to individuals with any background. Although this class is primarily intended for teachers, you do not have to be a teacher to take the class.

Credit: This class may be taken for no credit, or for 1 or 2 graduate credits through the University of Wyoming. Graduate Credit for Professional Development will cost $50.00 per credit. There is no charge if the class is not taken for credit. 

Instructors: Dana Van Burgh, Ed Strube and Terry Logue Ph.D.

Contact:       307-265-8887

Day 1: Flower identification, using live traps, rocks, maps, and the history of Field Science and Science-History Loops.

Day 2: Resources to use for field trips. Road logs, historical documents, field guides, photos and maps. Discussion of Field Science publications and resident programs. Participants start working on an outdoor lesson.

Day 3: Field trip to Casper Mountain. Rocks, minerals, flowers and trees as well as the structure and stratigraphy of Casper Mountain and the history of Casper Mountain Science School and the Braille Trail.

Day 4: Participants teach a lesson at an outdoor location near the Game and Fish offices. Discussion of Teacher’s Field Science and roundtable discussion of possible future Field Science programs.

Day 5: Field trip to Alcova. Geology, biology and history of the area between Casper and Alcova, fossils of Alcova and a boat trip up Fremont Canyon.

For additional information about the Field Science programs and the syllabus see


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