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High School Expectations Committee Recommends Proposed Policies to Board of Trustees

Over the past three months the High School Expectations Committee, comprised of parents, teachers and administrators, have worked diligently to discuss and troubleshoot opportunities for improvement and issues needing to be addressed in the high school system. During the May 4th meeting, the committee discussed recommendations centralized around the three main topics of: attendance, expectations, and accountability. The resulting two proposed policies, outlined below, were presented to the Board of Trustees during the May 11, 2015 meeting.

The Board of Trustees will review these proposed polices, with revisions, during a second reading at the next Board of Trustees meeting on June 8th, 2015 held in the Jefferson Room of the Central Services Facility.

Comments on these proposed policies can be submitted to

New Board Policy 5375 – Professional Guidelines for Students and Staff

The Natrona County School District Board of Trustees believes the way you look and speak affects your behavior and academic performance.  It is the intent to create a culture in schools where the focus is on learning.


The attached guidelines support this effort. (photo below)

Students will be referred to the administrator to secure acceptable clothing should their dress not comply.  Parents, or guardians, will be contacted.

All staff shall dress in a manner that distinguishes them as professionals.  Tee-shirts and jeans are not professional dress.  Jeans may be worn when school is not in session, on Fridays, or on field trips, at the discretion of the administrator.


The use of profanity, vulgarity, put-downs, sarcasm, or name-calling is inappropriate at all times. Dress Code Guidelines 5-7-15 New Board Policy 5376 – Use of Cell Phones and other Mobile Devices for Students and Staff

The Natrona County School District Board of Trustees believes that schools are first and foremost learning institutions.  Cell phones, and other mobile devices, are a distraction and disruptive to the educational process.

The use of cell phones, or other mobile devices, whether by staff or students, is not permitted in class.  They must be properly stored, not visible, and are only permitted in classroom projects directed by staff.

The use of cell phones, and other mobile devices, is permitted during lunch periods.

Unauthorized use of these devices will result in confiscation and they will be stored in the school office until the end of the school day.

Parents who need to speak with their child(ren) may contact the school office to request assistance.

Students and staff are responsible for the security of their cell phone or other mobile devices.  The District is not responsible for loss or theft of such devices.

NCSD welcomes your feedback and ideas.  Comments on these proposed policies can be submitted to


One comment on “High School Expectations Committee Recommends Proposed Policies to Board of Trustees

  1. An educated student who is concerned, offended, and frankly feels insulted.
    May 13, 2015

    While I agree with most of the new dress code proposal, there are a few things in there that are completely outside of reason. Firstly, I am referring to the guideline that states: “Hats, caps, bandannas, sweatbands, sunglasses, chains, dog collars, and sharp objects are not to be worn in the school or at school activities.” The first question that I ask about this is, when did wearing a hat or cap directly hurt anyone? I know that a popular argument for this is that gangs like to use hats to promote themselves. But can you blame this on hats, or make everyone suffer because some individuals misuse a tool? I can gurantee you that if hats were banned at school, gangs would simply find another way to promote themselves. Hats and caps are not only a clothing accessory (which never hurt anyone), but also serve a purpose that could easily be missed when using such absolutes, especially when “school related activities” are included. For example, I wear a hat and sunglasses when I run cross-country to keep the sun and sweat out of my eyes. Looks like I’ll be running blind now, since cross-country is a school related activity. The second question regarding this topic is, why is there such a variety of accessories included in such a limited “guidelines” category? Dog collars? Understandable. But they do not fit in with hats and caps.
    The second issue that I have with this new procedure that is being proposed, is the absolute statement that sarcasm is unacceptable at all times. Once again, absolute statements make you sound ignorant. Sarcasm, in of itself, never hurt anyone. It is simply a form of speech, when used in moderation, is not an issue. Some of the best teachers that I have ever had have used sarcasm as a part of their teaching on a regular basis, because they knew how to use it appropriately, and in such a way that is understandable to students. And once again, tools are not bad things in of themselves. Sarcasm is a tool, which is to say, neutral. To illustrate my point, I will use an analogy. A hammer is a tool. Is a hammer bad, in of itself? No. In fact, it can be used for great purposes. But, if someone smashed his fingers with a hammer, he might blame the hammer, when the hammer did nothing wrong. Do you see my point? It is fairly ignorant to blame sarcasm, or to even say that sarcasm at all times is unacceptable. And I understand that the big picture of this is to cut back on verbal bullying, vulgarity, etc. And I think that that is a good objective, but sarcasm does not group with that objective.
    All that being said, good luck. Many students, and teachers for that matter, use profanity on a regular basis, as it is simply a part of their vocabulary. Simply putting out a rule saying “no profanity” will not solve the problem that easily, largely because because of the idea of free speech, and one’s first amendment right to free speech, regardless of how offensive it may be. Good luck even trying. Please understand that I am not advocating for, or condoning profanity or vulgarity during school, but I am simply saying that people will say what they want, because it is their right to do so.
    Thank you for allowing me to give my feedback, as I hope that you will listen and take it to heart.

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