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Smithsonian Educators Visit Mountain View Elementary

Natrona County School District students recently explored citizen activism with a visit by Smithsonian Educators as part of NCSD’s Discover program. NCSD’s Discover Program Facilitator, Lori Burns, has worked diligently to bring the Smithsonian Associates to Casper over the past six years. Educators have shared information on space flight, entomology, animal conservation awareness, citizen activism and Native American heritage with NCSD students while encouraging innovation and creativity.

Mountain View Elementary students actively engaged in a discussion and drawing activity with Smithsonian presenter, Anna Hindley. Her presentation titled “Tools for Change: How People Make a Difference” shared with the students the importance of standing up for what is right and for others who may need help. After reading a story to the students about bullying and making a difference, Hindley asked the students to share ways in which they could stand up for others in their school and community:

“If someone is sick, you can take them to the doctor.” 

“When someone falls down, you can help them up.” 

“If someone doesn’t want to read, you could read with them.” 

“If someone isn’t being happy, you could share your happy with them.” 

Smithsonian presenter, Anna Hindley, shares a story with 1st grade students at Mt. View Elementary.

Smithsonian presenter, Anna Hindley, shares a story with 1st grade students at Mountain View Elementary.


Hindley shares a book with students on portrait drawing and then encouraged the students to draw their own portrait.

In 1st grade teacher, Melissa Axt’s, classroom the students eagerly answered questions about Martin Luther King Jr. and the significance of standing up for what is right. When asked her thoughts on Martin Luther King Jr., 1st grade student Kaitlynn replied with great enthusiasm. Hear her response in the video below:

Throughout the week, other NCSD schools were also able to hear from Anna Hindley and her Smithsonian co-presenter, Emily Murgia whose presentation “Design It! Student Stamps for America,” featured a hands-on and interactive lesson to teach students about the history of stamps and the process of selecting a stamp design before designing a stamp of their own. As part of this presentation, students had the opportunity to design a stamp for a cause.

For more NCSD Discover information, photos and presenter stories visit NCSD Discover on Facebook.

Check out some more photos from Mountain View Elementary’s visit with the Smithsonian Educators below:

Smith11 Smith4 smith3 Smith7 Smith12


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