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High School Expectations Committee Report – May 4

The High School Expectations Committee met on Monday, May 4 to discuss recommendations they would like the Board of Trustees to consider at an upcoming board meeting. The recommendations were centralized around the three main topics of: attendance, expectations, and accountability. The committee’s recommendations are listed below:


  • Have an attendance officer at every school; assign a district staff person to monitor attendance rates
  • Publish attendance rates and publish district goals on attendance
  • Decide whether NCSD schools are going to be Carnegie-unit schools or not
  • Establish a goal that states by 2017 district will have a 98% attendance rate
  • Study the profile of non-attenders and proceed with how to address that segment of students
  • Install “K-12 Swipe” program – ID check-in/check-out kiosks at entrances/exits
  • Enforce our current 10-absences policy, with added clarity and consequences
  • Establish the EHS/Sheridan policy where students lose credits with too many absences, with the chance to earn them back
  • Utilize Infinite Campus better
  • Later start time for high schools (9:00 a.m.)
  • Incorporate attendance into grading (participation)
  • Incorporate an audit process, like Roosevelt uses
  • Add in graduated consequences for students before they get to the maximum number of 10 absences
  • Offer engaging classes, with small learning communities (academies)
  • Don’t punish students that miss time for activities
  • Evaluate activities (particularly at the JV level; too many games/absences)
  • Require teachers to be in the hallways during passing periods
  • Take attendance during the first 10 minutes of class
  • Establish an attendance board to hear cases of students over the limit
  • No exemptions in policy
  • Establish a 4 (or 4 ½) day school week to allow for activities travel/competition and make-up time
  • Model policy with adults
  • Work with business community to control work hours (no students working during school hours)
  • Closed campuses for lunch


  • Have blanket expectations across the district
  • Have students complete anonymous surveys about their teachers
  • Have an attendance policy with teeth
  • Encourage community buy-in; make education a community value
  • Arrive at specific expectations on cell phone use (and other personal devices) district-wide
  • Foul language policy
  • Need admin support in enforcing policies
  • Consistency in messages on rigor and accountability
  • Teachers should dress as professionals
  • Students sign contracts
  • Have fewer meetings that pull teachers out of classrooms
  • Place responsibility back on students and parents
  • Reduce emphasis on sports
  • Prepare for blow-back from community
  • Modify district policy allowing activities participation with 1 F
  • Do not allow students to drop classes after their sports season is over
  • Give PE credit for sports participation
  • Parents should have expectations of teachers in the following:
    • Grade postings
    • Cell use
    • Dress code
    • Attendance
  • Prepare information on the need for a dress code, including hats
  • Have athletics become part of the school day
  • Incorporate an assessment system that measures growth
  • Pilot the use of school uniforms
  • Have a district standard for dress
  • Whatever is implemented needs to have buy-in from all levels
  • Students should receive a rigorous education
  • Zero tolerance policy
  • Peers police policies (cell phones)
  • Enforce rules as printed
  • Tighten-up the participation agreement
  • Rigorous education; give A, B, C, or F – no Ds
  • Don’t advance students to grade levels unless criteria is met
  • Teachers should be prepared to follow through on policies


  • Survey more teachers and administrators
  • Hold parents accountable
  • Grade policy of 50-100; not below
  • Don’t wait for legislation – develop our own accountability model for teachers/staff
  • Schools and parents need to partner
  • Student performance is reflected in grades
  • Pay merit pay to high performing teachers
  • Hire the best teachers – post jobs in many places
  • Get rid of the quarter system – just semesters
  • Allow for customer service surveys (cards)
  • Celebrate more
  • Examine privileges vs. rights
  • Publish measurements around expectations
  • Develop measurement to assess the effectiveness of professional development
  • Fire bad teachers
  • Adopt Professional Teaching Standards Board (PTSB) conduct guide
  • Align curriculum between schools; have common assessments (both skill and knowledge based)
  • 3-question survey (similar to what Mr. Hopkins sent out) to schools
  • Look into the social promotion of students (this has an effect through high school)
  • Test-in and test-out options
  • Board should solicit feedback on steps/decision moving forward

The NCSD Board of Trustees will discuss these recommendations at a future meeting, possibly moving forward to adopt elements of these recommendations before the 2015-16 school year.

Meeting Attendance: Rita Walsh and Ben Taucher (facilitators), Shawna Trujillo, Susan Griffith, Clark Jensen, Gib Ostheimer, Chris Tobin, Dana Howie, Cristine Pluntz, Susan Stubson, Bill Nelson, Vicki Stamp, Jenny Edwards, Ted Hanson, Sue Schilling, Debbie McCullar, Todd Milliken, Patsy Smith, Alan Vandeventer, Carrie Maki, Bryan Aivazian, Christopher Dresang, John O’Connor, Jill Bader, Beth Williams, David Applegate, Nicole Ziehl, Ben Schanck, Dustin Hebert, Kelly Eastes and Allen Bruggman (recorders)

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