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Business & Facilities Services Stakeholder Committee – April 16, 2015

Dennis Bay, Executive Director for Business & Facilities, began the meeting by reviewing purpose and norms for the group.

The committee then reviewed and provided feedback on a short tutorial video prepared by the Community Relations Department in cooperation with Business Services and I.T. The video is an assistive tool to help employees login to Employee Online.

Feedback from the committee included ensuring the processes are correct and that the instructions could be printed out for those who have trouble following a video. The need for the video is pressing since employees will no longer receive printed paystubs after July 1, 2015. Employees will have to login to the Employee Online website to access their pay and benefit information. Members said they did receive a postcard informing them of the change. A suggestion was made to make pay dates available on Employee Online.

Kelly Eastes, Director of Community Partnerships gave an update on Staff News, the new staff email newsletter. Information posted in the newsletter is represented in its entirety on The blog traffic has substantially gone up since the emails began two months ago. However, data shows roughly 400 of the 2600 employees are utilizing the blog posts for information. He asked the group if they had any suggestions to improve this. The group did not have any suggestions at this time.

Syd Webb, Director of Transportation gave a brief presentation on the new safety plan from the transportation department. He also gave an overview of the new camera system on each bus. He was able to show details about an accident that occurred less than 5 hours prior to this meeting proving that our driver was not at fault. The investigation was much easier and shorter in duration due to the amount of information provided by the new camera hard drive system.

Ryan Kelly, Director for Business Services gave a brief update on the projects his department is working on. He stated there would be trainings available for staff to learn how to use the Employee Online system the week of April 20-24.

Timecard online is moving ahead now that a new representative is working with our staff from the host company.

Shellie Kirk, Director for Business Services gave an update on credit cards. She stated some coaches, principals and bus drivers would be the first users of the cards until the bugs get worked out.

The association reps were then asked if they had any issues for cabinet to address. There were none.

The next will be May 21st .


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