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Committee reviews proposed Activities/Athletics regulations

Division Stakeholder Committees have been created to assist divisions in obtaining input and feedback on tasks assigned to divisions by Cabinet. The Committees are recommending bodies to their respective divisions and ultimately Cabinet. The Committees will use a consultative decision making process in formulating recommendations to their respective division and Cabinet. 

At the April 16 meeting Walt Wilcox, NCSD’s Associate Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction, led the committee through a review of the previous meeting’s minutes and norms and then introduced the Classic Kindergarten item.

Preschool coordinator Donna Shepherd told the group that 930 incoming kindergarteners were screened to determine their level of readiness. Cottonwood, Crest Hill, and Willard will each have one classroom of Classic Kindergarten next year for a total of 45 seats (15 per classroom). Through the screenings (held in January and March) students were identified and offered spots in the Classic Kindergarten program. Shepherd said there was a little bit of confusion with the screening results letters that were sent out to parents. While offering ideas for improvement, Shepherd said next year the letters should be clearer, a different screening location should be used (SESC gymnasium this year), and more information should be sent to area preschool teachers. At this time 24 slots have been taken in the program and another 10 letters have been sent out recommending the program. Students that are in the program have a saved spot in their school of choice for the 2016-17 school year. A few spots will be held open for students/parents that were originally offered but declined and changed their mind.

Next, the group received an update from Angela Hensley and Danna Anderson regarding the Standards-Based work. Next week, both the English/Language Arts and Health subject area committees will meet for intensive work on analyzing what is being taught in NCSD classrooms currently, and what are in the standards that we are aligning to. The groups will meet again in May and again into June. Math subject area committees across grade levels are also meeting to identify benchmarks and define terms. The group then discussed what information about this work is being shared throughout the District and how it is being shared. There was discussion and concern about segments of faculty not receiving information about the standards-based work. New communication efforts were discussed for the future.

Next, Terry Hooker, NCSD’s Activities/Athletics Director presented three topics that subcommittees have worked on. The three topics are: Undue Influence, Horizontal and Vertical Alignment of Athletics, and the Cut Policy. Hooker brought the draft administrative regulations to the committee for feedback. Hooker and Wilcox worked together to explain the proposed regulations and to point out changes that the subcommittees made. They asked for feedback in the meeting and also in the coming weeks before the next stakeholder meeting. The goal is to present the new regulations to secondary administrators before July and all administrators during August leadership training.

The committee spent some time having conversations about the specifics of the Undue Influence regulations, in particular about what can and cannot be said about schools, programs, and activities. Hooker also shared the proposed process to report Undue Influence allegations, and how the investigation takes places following the initial report.

Briefly Wilcox spoke about the horizontal and vertical alignment of athletics. This regulation is in line with Board Policy as an effort to develop a District articulation through a collective effort. Head coaches will collaboratively develop a teaching tool for the middle level that will encourage the development of skills that are similar across the District.

Lastly, the Cut Policy regulation was discussed. A communication piece is the largest aspect of the cut policy so that students and parents are aware that the spots on teams/activities are not as available at the high school levels as they are in the middle levels. Skills criteria for making the team(s) or being cut will also be developed, with a heavy emphasis on educating the students about other potential sports/activities that are available to that student.

Jon Lever spoke about the availability of students’ assessment profiles to teachers/administrators on Infinite Campus. These assessment profiles will not be emailed to building leaders anymore because they are available on IC. Directions on how to access the assessment profile will be published in the next Superintendent’s News.

At the next meeting the committee will discuss the high school transformation effort and receive updates on the standards work.

Next, the group heard from employee representation groups:

SEIO: No items. (no representatives)

NCEA: No items.

NCASE: Benchmark window for math courses is the last two weeks of school. Marie Puryear requested to move the window up at least one week. Lever said that can happen.

NCAESS: No items.

The next C&I Stakeholder Meeting is scheduled for May 7.

Attendance: Walt Wilcox, Angela Hensley, Danna Anderson, Sheila McHattie, Wayne Tuttle, Donna Shepherd, Ted Hanson, Sarah Prosinski, Marie Puryear, Jill Felbeck-Jones, Bobbie VanHouten, Terry Hooker, Kelly Hornby, Dean Braughton, Jon Lever, Allen Bruggman

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