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High School Expectations Committee Report

High School Expectations Committee Report April 20th, 2015 The High School Expectations committee met on Monday, April 20th. Trustee Rita Walsh and Ben Taucher facilitated the committee discussion. The committee is comprised of parents, teachers and administrators. Trustee Walsh opened the meeting by welcoming members and reviewing the direction of the committee. The top three priority items, as voted on during the initial committee meeting, are as follows: Attendance, Expectations of Students and Staff, Accountability and Conduct for Students and Staff. Director of Community Partnerships, Kelly Eastes, reviewed additional information and data requested by the committee on Attendance, Expectations of Students and Staff, and Accountability for Students and Staff. The committee then shared personal input and ideas in relation to Expectations of Students and Staff, followed by Accountability of Students and Staff. These suggestions are listed below: Expectations of Students/Staff:

  • Dress Code
    • Student Dress Code
    • Staff Dress Code
  • No profanity
  • No cellphone Use
  • Enforcement of Dress Code
  • Attendance: expectation to know what type of attendance issue to maintain accurate reporting (students and staff)
  • School Uniforms
  • Accountability: Allow a voice for individuals (students/staff) to express thoughts and concerns
  • Consistent enforcement of current models
  • Students in class when class is in session
  • System to address behavioral issues
  • School District to work together with community and parents to address when students aren’t ready to graduate
  • Principals need to know when there is a problem in classroom: Communication from staff
  • Student Accountability: Absent from class, student responsibility to gather missed work/assignments
  • Apathetic Students
  • Respectful of teachers and their deadlines: hold students accountable
  • Hold teachers accountable to deadlines: timely grading
  • “Redo’s” when students score low on a test/quiz: Continuity across district on retake policy, allowing retakes may send message to students suggesting they need not apply themselves because they can fix it at a later date
  • “Redo’s” when mass numbers of students perform poorly on a test/quiz
  • Meet standards before re-test, additional work required for retaking exam/quiz
  • System to support students
  • Define Rigor- consistent across district
  • Balanced Assessment System within schools
  • Academic Excellence: Students should expect to get an excellent education and teachers should be prepared to provide
  • District continuity- some allow certain provisions, others do not
  • Parent Expectations: Do not call students for non-emergency during school
  • Teachers/Administrator actions can be result of external pressures (federal/state expectations)
  • Department/Content areas meet together to create communication and determine expectations (Example: PLC Groups at KWHS)
  • Ease of changing out of more rigorous classes: consistency or policy on changing courses
  • Keeping low-performing students engaged
  • Students failing after the 3rd Quarter: “dead-weight”
  • Student Planner- weekly/monthly expectations written and set
  • Accountability of district/schools to create academic rigor that is uniformly applied.
  • Better level of communication between parents and staff: behavioral issues communicated to parents on a daily basis
  • Expectations of parents to support education and the expectations set for students
  • Address and eliminate the “excuses” (parents, students and staff)
  • Lack of continuity between schools: it’s difficult to create and enforce expectations when they differ among schools and within the school
    • Message clarity needed
  • Energy spent on problem students and parents
    • What about those who are showing up every day? The excelling students who are doing what is expected of them?
  • School “rivalry”
    • Schools fight to keep their students for reasons such as FTE (jobs, teachers)
    • Rigor and Accountability, Policies, etc. MUST be district wide
  • Prepare Students for Life- refrain from enabling them
  • Students Advancing with low achievement levels- District expectation too low

Accountability of Students/Staff

  • Enforcement
  • Timely Grading- Teachers
  • Ability to enforce dress code
  • Processes, systems, policies, procedures: lack of consistency creates angst
  • Sheridan School District model: Best Practices- review
  • In order to change culture: must include parents as well
  • Teachers need administrator support
  • Publish and make public expectations
  • Uniforms to address Dress Code
  • Dress Code Enforcers: solution to avoid interruption of teaching time and create a comfortable environment for all educators
  • Very specific expectations for dress code are needed- picture diagram
  • Dress Code Violation: do not send students home, instead parent/guardian bring change of clothing- increase parent accountability
  • Fairness across the board with implementation of dress code: male and female standards
  • Provide Goals, Provide Keys to achieve them, Accountability for not meeting the goals
  • Communicate all expectations: specific and simple
    • Prior to start of school year, allow time for success (example: parents purchasing school clothes in August. Dress Code provided in Sept.)

In closing, Superintendent Steve Hopkins thanked the committee for their excellent work and contributions and provided thoughts for future committee work, “We must collectively agree that we value education, we have high expectations for ourselves as adults and our students we work with, and we have a consistent and district-wide framework and accountability for the future recommendations of this committee.” At the May 4th, 2015 meeting the committee will utilize the data, ideas and suggestions presented to begin work towards establishing a committee recommendation for the Board of Trustees. ###


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