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Board Academic Steering Committee Continues Review of K-2 Assessment

Academic Steering Committee Report

April 13th, 2015

K-2 Testing

Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Kelly Hornby, continued discussion with the Board Academic Steering Committee around District K-2 Assessments. The following points were noted in discussion:

  • Reviewed Enrolled Act 65 Mandate
  • Results from K-2 Assessment Survey were provided including comments from 130 teachers/administrators
  • Literacy Improvement Plans are now being written at the school. Previously, the District would be required to write a general improvement plan when schools would not meet 85% rate. A copy of the Literacy Plan was provided for committee review.

Achievement Indicators

Next, Mr. Hornby discussed previous inquires from Committee Chairperson Elizabeth Horsch regarding the correlation of grades to ACT performance. Data reviewed showed grades in the classroom are not necessarily reflective of student performance on the ACT within that content area.

Gifted and Talented Services

Ted Hansen, NCSD Director of Special Services, provided a year in review around the Gifted and Talented Program at NCSD.

  • A parent survey was provided with the following topics rising to the top:
  • GT Best Practices
  • Advanced (Alternate) Learning Plan Conversation
  • Acceleration- GT students and students at Large
  • Additional Resources Middle level
  • Additional Resources High School level
  • A need for additional staff in the program will be needed at CY as 6th grade students move forward in the future.
  • 16 NCSD Educators in the program are currently working on Gifted & Talented Endorsement- noted this has been an incredible opportunity for teachers/administrators in this program.
  • CY Gifted and Talented Program
    • 2 Educators, 16 GT Students
  • 317 students flagged as GT in the District
    • 100 of them are in High School
    • 33 at CY that are flagged
    • 56 at Pineview
    • Remaining students are “at large” in the district

In closing, the committee heard from teachers and administrators directly working with the Gifted and Talented Program at NCSD. The Trustees expressed their appreciation and admiration for the work the team is completing.

Star Lane Update

In closing, Mr. Kelly Hornby (Executive Director of C&I) reviewed updates in relation to the Star Lane Center. Cabinet will support proposal for Star Lane with amendments and outcomes that were provided to the committee. Key concepts from the handout include, but are not limited to:

  • Reduce to 4-year proposal
  • Ensure processes that are supportive of Pathways success
  • Seek to grow academy-based experience
  • Staffed with same ration/formula as high schools
  • Star Lane will be staffed accordingly based on enrollment figures
  • Grow opportunities for “Star Lane” pedagogy within academy-based structures
***additional amendments and outcomes not listed***

Next Meeting

Discussion regarding K-2 Assessments will continue at the next meeting.

  • Assessment tools- easing anxiety with testing on computers
  • Set of recommendations (bottom line)- what can the Trustees tell community members, teachers, those inquiring?

2015 Legislative Session- Impact on District Initiatives and Direction

Education Week Article



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