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High School Expectations Committee Plans Work Ahead

High School Expectations Committee

Communication Report

March 16th, 2015

The first meeting of the new High School Expectations committee occurred on Monday evening, March 16. Trustee Rita Walsh and Ben Taucher facilitated the committee discussion. The committee is comprised of parents, teachers and administrators. They convened to discuss and troubleshoot opportunities for improvement and issues that need to be addressed in the high school system.

Their first order of business was to brainstorm a list of issues to discuss and then to rank the top three, which would be addressed first. Below is the comprehensive list with the ranking vote number listed next to the topic.

Committee Topics

  • Attendance: 18 Votes
  • Expectations for Students and Staff- 12 Votes
  • Accountability and Conduct- Students/Staff/Admin: 11 Votes
  • Dress Code for Students and Staff- 6 Votes
  • Rigor- 5 Votes
  • Parent/School Relationship: 4 Votes
  • Substance Abuse: 4 Votes
  • Emotional Safety/Social Responsibility: 3 Votes
  • Open Campus: 2 Votes
  • Student Voice/Input: 1 Vote
  • Student Accountability: 1 Vote
  • Homework: 1 Vote
  • Discipline- 1 Vote
  • Behavior- 0 Votes
  • Grading- (Timing) 0 Votes
  • Effective Programs (Mind/Body/Soul: ex. Cowboy Ethics, Challenge Day)- 0 Votes
  • Alternate Learning Environments: 0 Votes
  • Parent Involvement: 0 Votes
  • Fees/Fines: 0 Votes
  • Parking: 0 Votes
  • Grade Level Transitions (8-9 and 12-13): 0 Votes
  • Curriculum: 0 Votes

Once the committee selected the first three areas of focus, they then addressed each issue by identifying the information and data they would need to begin work on the issue(s). Below are the top three priority items with the list of information needed by the committee.


  • Correlation between suspension, absences and drop-outs
  • Consequences of unapproved absences & Tardies
  • Teacher Attendance Policy- Statistics
  • Percentage of parents with Infinite Campus Accounts
  • Data on influences effecting attendance from NCSD’s Homeless Liaison
  • Correlation between attendance and parent approval for extended leave/absences
  • Excused Absences Data- (activities, unverified, types of leave, etc.)
  • Attendance at TROY Session
  • Attendance policies/regulations/state statutes
  • Best Practices at similar districts (Cheyenne Central, Sheridan, Etc.)
  • District Trends- 5-6 Year period
  • Changes to Policies, why? (historical information/data)
  • Percentage of chronic non-attenders
  • Correlation between attendance/grades and attendance/credits attempted
  • Open Campus vs. Closed Campus: (lunches: attendance before lunch and tardies after lunch)
  • Data on school/district consequences for tardies
  • Attendance data on students who graduate vs. those who do not
  • Communication Method to Parents- District standard? Schools using?

Expectations of Students/Staff

  • Building and classroom expectations- Consistent District wide? Documented?
  • Dress Code and Language Use Expectations
  • Survey of the desired expectations
  • How are expectations enforced
  • Staff members meeting expectations- Evaluation Results
  • Best Practices: Similar District data on expectations
  • Training on Expectations
  • Data on discipline issues- 2 years of data
  • Technology Usage- Expectations/policies
  • Number of students in building not in class/truancy

Accountability and Conduct: Students/Staff/Administrators

  • Grading policies- homework, timing
  • Consistency of policies- aligned by class/teacher/etc.
  • What does a grade mean?
  • Data on number of 18 year-old students who allow communication with parents
  • District data on policies of individual schools including: disruptive behavior, cell phone usage/technology, language use, dress code, bullying
  • Teacher Evaluation Tool: Percentage Completed, Overall Performance, Consequences
  • Accountability for Teachers entering grades: How? Policy?

Staff will begin work on acquiring the requested information and data for the committee.

The next meeting of the High School Expectations Committee will be held on April 6th, 2015 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at the Central Services Building.


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