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Business and Facilities Stakeholder Meeting – Feb. 19, 2015

Representatives of stakeholders brought the committee feedback from their constituents concerning the LINKS, Employee online and communication efforts being made in the division.

  • NCASE reported that there was little or no feedback from their group due to the information that was presented was complete and did not create questions.
  • SEIO want to ensure adequate training is available for all employees. They also had a question if paystubs and Employee Online could be accessed outside of the school district IT system, like private computers. The answer is yes, you can access your information from anywhere with internet access. They also wondered if these systems would be around for a while or if they would be replaced in the near future? Superintendent Hopkins stated there were no plans to replace the systems we currently have.
  • NCAESS wanted to know if the forms to set up direct deposit were available? Yes, the form is currently accessed on your FirstClass. Go to the District Resources Folder, then Business Services, then forms and you will find a Word document entitled Direct Deposit Form.doc.

Superintendent Hopkins then asked the committee if they would recommend forwarding the proposals to cabinet for potential implementation. The committee unanimously agreed to send both the Business Services and Communication plans with a recommendation to implement to cabinet.

Superintendent Hopkins thanked the committee for their work and concluded by wanting to make sure all employees had access to computers and if they did not to work with their supervisors or employee group representative to gain access.

He reiterated:

  • the district will soon stop printing paystubs for direct deposit employees
  • FirstClass and Employee Online would be the primary tools for communication with employees in the district
  • Trainings would be available to all employees needing help with navigating these tools
  • FirstClass would be cleaned up, leaving it for email, school folders and classifieds. All other forms and documents would be moved to the Employee Online portal
  • A new website will be developed for external audiences
  • Credit cards are being tested and reconciliation issues fixed before implementation next Fall.

The next meeting is scheduled for March 19.


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