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NCHS Celebrates 100 Years of Continuous Accreditation

Natrona County High School was recently recognized because of its 100 continuous years of accreditation. NCHS is currently accredited by AdvancED through June 30, 2017, and was first accredited in April 1915. At the AdvancED Wyoming Excellence in Education Awards Banquet on Monday, March 2, former State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Judy Catchpole, presented the award to NC representatives. She spoke of several facts about NCHS in 1915, including the composition of the Class of ’15: 12 girls and 5 boys. Catchpole went on to commend the past 100 years of staff at NCHS. “Imagine it for a minute…1915 to 2015, and through all of this the staff and the people at Natrona County High School have valued the importance of being NCA and now AdvancED accredited. It is indeed an honor and a privilege to present the 100 year award to Natrona County High School,” Catchpole said.

IMG_3059 2

In order to stay accredited schools must: Meet the AdvancED Standards and accreditation policies; demonstrate quality assurance through internal and external review; and engage in continuous improvement.

AdvancED’s standards and policies are as follows:

  • stable governance, management, and leadership;
  • a coherent course of study;
  • a reliable system by which to assess students’ progress;
  • instructors who have a clear understanding of what they aim to teach, how, and why; and
  • access to the resources they need.

Congratulations to the Natrona County High School family!




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