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Committee sees impact of potentially saving existing KWHS gyms

The Board Construction Steering Committee met on February 20, 2015. After approving the minutes from the previous meeting, the following items were discussed:


Parking and Traffic Flow Plans with Existing Gyms in Place at KWHS

Ken Field of RB+B Architects began his presentation by saying they have looked at a number of factors involved with keeping the existing gymnasiums on the KWHS site. Field showed a site map and pointed out all the components that are or will be under construction on the site. Field then showed a site map with the existing gyms remaining. The parking lots were impacted, ultimately eliminating 15 spots in the re-design. Field also walked through the impacts to the bus loop – lengthening the walk from the drop-off point to the entry of the building to a total of 260 feet. Elevation and grading changes also would be an issue. KWHS teacher Duane Reimer expressed his concern about parking for special events at the existing gyms and conflicts between drivers that are at KWHS everyday and visiting drivers.

Board member Dave Applegate said there are several questions that need to be addressed by the Board in order to make a decision, including: cost, need, parking, traffic flow, etc. Applegate thanked Field for providing good information. Field then showed dimensional views from above that showed what the KWHS site looks like with the new building, and what it would look like if the existing gyms were retained.

Next, KWHS reps gave an overview of the gym usage study they compiled. At this time the biggest strain on space resources is during the winter and early spring. KWHS Athletic Director Amy Rose said she predicts that in the new building school practices could be completed by 8:00 p.m. In response to a question from board member Clark Jensen, Rose said that KWHS will not need additional space once the new building is completed. Rose said she was speaking strictly for KWHS athletics and activities. Rose reported that a lack of demand is the reason for a lack of youth programs at the Casper Rec Center, Boys & Girls Club, and YMCA. Rose reported that the Boys & Girls Club was particularly interested in partnering with NCSD for programming partnerships if space was needed.

Committee members agreed they were okay with continuing to examine the issue of retaining the gyms but only after hearing from NCSD Athletics and Activities Director Terry Hooker. Hooker will present information regarding district wide space usage to the board in a joint Construction Steering/Academic Steering Committee meeting on Monday, March 9 at 3:00 p.m. The committee asked Field to not proceed with a more comprehensive cost estimate until they had received Hooker’s information.


KWHS Pool Report

RB+B has been meeting with KWHS staff and pool consultants. They will look at possibly combining the diving well with the swimming pool, which would allow for an additional diving board. The bulkhead option – to shorten the pool to standard length – is still available as well. Code issues are also a factor at the facility. Field said they believe there may be less money needed to renovate the locker rooms and wall. Field will present a schematic pool-building plan at the next meeting on March 6.


Cell Phone Tower at KWHS

NCSD project manager Doug Tunison told the committee that both Verizon and Union Wireless are interested in putting cell towers up on KWHS property. It was proposed to place the cell tower on a stadium light tower. Verizon has told Tunison they could possibly pay for one light tower (roughly $25,000) in lieu of paying a monthly rent. Union Wireless brought up the idea to place a tower on the northwest corner of KWHS’s property, a proposal Verizon was also interested in. Both companies would pay a monthly rent for having the tower on KWHS’s property. Tunison will continue negotiations and discussions with both companies.


Bar Nunn Elementary Addition

The state found funding for value engineering to take place for this project. Tunison said it hasn’t been determined if that will take place or not, but the VE session is will be scheduled.


Capacity Elementary School CYJHS Site

NCSD had meetings with architecture firms about the design for the new capacity elementary school on the old CYJHS site. Tunison said he expects 3 or 4 proposals that will be reviewed with the assembled selection committee.

Abatement of the current building on site is on schedule. Demolition design will be handled by RB+B with demo starting in May. Gym renovation on the site is approximately two-thirds finished.


Lincoln FF&E

The Board will consider approving the Lincoln Elementary FF&E proposal at the next Board Meeting. The proposal is within budget.


Construction Tours and Future Meetings

The group discussed dates for construction tours – beginning Friday, February 27 at KWHS.

The board members present discussed potential dates for two retreats. An informational session was tentatively scheduled for March 20 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and a session for planning and developing priorities was tentatively scheduled for April 20 from noon to 3:30 p.m.

The next Construction Steering Committee meeting is scheduled for March 6.


Board members: Kevin Christopherson, Dave Applegate, Dana Howie, Debbie McCullar, Paula Reid, Elizabeth Horsch, Toni Billings, Clark Jensen
District Staff: Steve Hopkins, Brad Diller, Amy Rose, Duane Reimer, Doug Tunison, Allen Bruggman
Others: Ken Field (RB+B Architects), Jason Meyers (WLC Civil Engineering)

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