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Committee receives update on Standards-Based Instructional Alignment work

Division Stakeholder Committees have been created to assist divisions in obtaining input and feedback on tasks assigned to divisions by Cabinet. The Committees are recommending bodies to their respective divisions and ultimately Cabinet. The Committees will use a consultative decision making process in formulating recommendations to their respective division and Cabinet.

At the February 19 meeting Walt Wilcox, NCSD’s Associate Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction, gave an update on the Standards-Based Education initiative. An updated summary packet was distributed – a document that has been made available the past several weeks through the Superintendent News email newsletter. A timeline that was developed by the Curriculum Coordinating Council was also distributed that shows when the different content areas will be adopted and implemented. Wilcox asked if any committee members had received any feedback. Marie Puryear noted that she hasn’t heard any feedback but said it’s possible stakeholders have heard about the standards-based initiative but aren’t submersed in it enough to ask questions. Other members said initially some reactions have been: “We’re doing this again?” A request was also made for the specific type of feedback committee members should be seeking from their constituents. The group then discussed the responsibility of communicating the message about the standards-based initiative – a responsibility that should be shared amongst this group and building leaders. Different communication methods were also discussed to more effectively reach different stakeholders.

Next, Angela Hensley gave an update about the individual subject area committees. The Language Arts Subject Committee still lacks two “elective teachers” to fill spots on the committee, and the Health Subject Committee lacks two classroom teachers from the elementary level to complete their committee. The subject area committees will both begin meeting next week. The Math Subject Committee will re-engage soon as well.

Next, Kelly Hornby, Executive Director for Curriculum & Instruction, gave an update on the high school transformational work. Hornby began by giving a brief recap of the steps NCSD took to arrive at an academy-based system. That fundamental shift caused some angst within the district, which led Hornby and others to craft the Pathways Framing Document – a document that lays out a summary of what has taken place and needs to take place to make the academies a reality. Hornby highlighted the Professional Development (PD) plan within the Framing Document. The final item of the PD plan is labeled “Design Camp”. Hornby said this item will begin to be fulfilled through an agreement with Wonder, By Design, a company led by Christian Long, a facilitator who was worked with NCSD students and staff in the past. The phased PD will begin this spring if given final approval by the Board next week. Identifying the initial staff members that will receive the training will happen later this spring. Those teachers will be primarily CAPS staff. After questions, Hornby clarified that there are 24 teaching positions at the CAPS facility, but that doesn’t mean new FTE employees will be added, because those positions will come from the high schools based on the students enrolled at each school and the number of students enrolled in CAPS courses. Aaron Wilson asked about implementation of project-based learning at the elementary level – as a way to ensure that elementary students are prepared for the step to academy-based learning. A concern was also raised about training for elementary and middle level staff within the Wonder, By Design PD.

Next, Hornby led the discussion about the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the district and the Boys and Girls Club of Central Wyoming. The MOU establishes a partnership that will ensure students have the opportunity to learn financial skills and civic responsibility. Financial literacy curriculum will be developed by NCSD and carried out at the Boys and Girls Club’s All-American Center. A portion of this curriculum will involve participation in “WyoTown” – a hands-on experience within “storefronts” that teaches financial literacy and civic responsibility. The MOU is up for final approval by the Board next week.

At the next meeting the committee will discuss the high school Financial Literacy/Civic Responsibility component that is required of graduates. High school reps will report.

Next, the group heard from employee representation groups:

SEIO: No items. (no representatives)

NCEA: No items.

NCASE: No items.

NCAESS: No items.

The next C&I Stakeholder Meeting is scheduled for March 5.

Attendance: Walt Wilcox, Kelly Hornby, Angela Hensley, Aaron Wilson, Marie Puryear, Dean Braughton, Bobbie VanHouten, Terry Hooker, Wayne Tuttle, Josh Thompson, Jill Felbeck-Jones, Jon Lever, Michelle Blake, Sarah Prosinski, Allen Bruggman



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