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Committee discusses options for KWHS pool

The Board Construction Steering Committee met on February 6, 2015. After approving the minutes from the previous meeting, the following items were discussed:


KWHS Pool Report

Ken Field of RB+B Architects began the discussion by explaining the estimated costs from Sampson Construction that had been presented. The preliminary estimate showed the costs associated with bringing the pool building back to usability/functionality. The preliminary estimate was split into what costs the SFD would be responsible for ($484,089.59), and what NCSD would pay ($849,803.86). The total combined (SFD & NCSD) preliminary cost estimate was $1,333,893.45. Field described the preliminary estimate as a “worst-case scenario”, and thought the number could be lowered as the process continued. A separate design fee for RB+B was priced at $37,750. The approval for that design fee expenditure will come at the next Board meeting.

Field said the pool could get to the usability/functionality and selected renovated stage for under the $3 million budget that was proposed at a previous Steering Committee meeting. A drawing showing the pool with a diving well was also presented, but that would require additional funds over the $3 million budget. The next step in the pool process is to authorize the design fee and await RB+B’s report, which should be turned in by March 6.

The committee then discussed the look of the pool building – options RB+B will present with their study in March. Committee chair Kevin Christopherson asked the KWHS representatives at the meeting to think about features and options they would like both on the exterior and interior of the pool building to be included in the study. KWHS asked about the installation of a bulkhead to shorten the existing pool to bring it in line with other competition pools around the state. The current pool is about 20 feet too long. Duane Reimer of KWHS also mentioned a wave issue in the pool. Field took notes of those two issues and told the group they would be working with a pool consultant and KWHS reps to determine the issues that need to be addressed. Field will also present a “life” of the pool building estimate in the March 6 study.

Discussions then centered around the history of what was desired at KWHS and how the bond failure has impacted those plans.


Update on Study to Retain Existing KWHS Gyms

Dennis Bay, NCSD’s Executive Director for Business Services presented RB+B’s proposal to perform the gym retention study. The total cost is $46,128. Board chair Dave Applegate spoke about his desire to see a parking/traffic flow impact study before proceeding with the full gym retention study. Christopherson advocated for doing the entire study, because he said he would like all available information before making a final decision of the gym retention issue. Applegate said he would be okay with proceeding with the full study, but would still like to see a parking/traffic flow study first. Field will bring the parking/traffic flow study to the February 20 Construction Steering Committee meeting. If approved by the Board, the entire study will be presented sometime in March.

The committee then discussed gym space need throughout the district and the current usage of the gyms at KWHS. Potential savings on not demolishing the existing gyms was also discussed.

Superintendent Steve Hopkins asked KWHS Athletic Director Amy Rose to collaborate with NCHS Athletic Director Larry Meeboer and District Athletics/Activities Director Terry Hooker and compile a predictive report on the usage of gym space and what the community demand might be when all construction is completed on the high schools. This information would be useful to the Board to see if additional space would be needed in the future.


Bar Nunn Elementary Addition

NCSD project manager Doug Tunison told the committee the planning study for the Bar Nunn addition was completed in December. This study showed a $2 million deficit between the estimate and the amount allocated by the SFD. In a meeting with the SFD, three options were given for NCSD to pursue: ask for additional funding from the state; work with the planning architect to develop a project in budget; or to terminate the project. NCSD has asked the SFD to give authority to pursue a fourth option, which would allow NCSD to put the project out for actual design and go to bid within the given budget ($3.67 million). NCSD is awaiting the SFD’s response to this request.


Capacity Elementary School CYJHS Site
Tunison outlined several key components to the timeline of this project. Abatement is currently underway. The demolition contract will be advertised and will be awarded in April 2015, with demo work beginning in May 2015 and finishing in June 2015. The ad for the design RFP was published February 4 and requests a previously designed and constructed school, with elements and programming similar to Summit Elementary. The selection for the designer will occur at the end of February.


NCHS 100% GMP Update

Bay told the committee that the SFD reviewed the GMP for the NCHS building. The figure presented was $93,902,186. This figure is within budget.


Authorization to Move Forward on CAPS Therapy Pool

Hopkins said originally it was thought that all CAPS equipment purchase approvals could wait until the Board retreat in March, but it recently came to NCSD’s attention that the therapy pool (HSHS Academy) needs additional time for fabrication, and must be insalled into the building before the walls are enclosed in April/May. The estimated cost of the pool is $150,000. The Board will consider this purchase at the next Board Meeting.


Construction Tours and Welding Program Tour

Hopkins and Bay will bring a series of dates to the Board Meeting on February 9 to see the availability of members for building tours and a tour of a welding class at KWHS.


Ventilation Bid at Midwest

Bay informed the committee of the bidding process for a ventilation project at Midwest. Bay said the District is reviewing options on how to proceed. It is a major maintenance fund project.


The next Construction Steering Committee meeting is scheduled for February 20.


Attendance: Kevin Christopherson, Dave Applegate, Dana Howie, Debbie McCullar, Steve Hopkins, Dennis Bay, Doug Tunison, Amy Rose, Duane Reimer, Dave Davis, Ken Field, Allen Bruggman



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