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Committee urges caution on next budget

Trustee Paula Reid began with a short introduction urging caution toward this year’s budget due to the declining price of oil. She encouraged people to look for alternative sources to pay for special requests. She referenced the Casper Area Education Foundation, a 501 c-3, as a great repository for donations toward equipment and other items to lessen the burden on the general fund.

Superintendent Hopkins stated the Wyoming State Legislative session was underway and he expected no increases in funding this year, unless there is an increase in the number of students. He said there would be no new dollars for new programs or funding for significant increases in salaries.

The committee then heard from Executive Director for Business and Facilities, Dennis Bay. Dennis reported a need for the committee to recommend funding of smoke detectors for the new Lincoln Elementary School. The Wyoming School Facilities Commission does not fund adequate smoke detection in their funding model.

The next report was on substitutes and fill rates in NCSD. The report showed our district completes 80-90% of the requests for substitutes. Listed reasoning included; not wanting to work in a specific school, preference to avoid work on Mondays or Fridays, and not having enough special training to teach specific classes like higher mathematics, science or music.

Human Resources will work to make this issue better by helping coach schools on how to make their environment desirable by substitutes as well as working on recruiting substitutes who are willing to work. This would also include additional training for substitutes.

The committee was also briefed on the budget process. The district is now in Phase I, which is the gathering of information, working out staffing, receiving special requests, preparing non-staff allocations and working on grant budgets.

Phase II will begin in March and will include development of the Superintendent’s Conceptual Budget Plan and its review and revisions by the committee.

Phase III will begin in April and run through June and will include release of budget allocations (non-staffing) to schools and greater detailing in the budget. It is also proposed that the Compact Issues Committee will look at the compensation package and make recommendations.

Phase IV is the final phase and includes adoption and finalization of the budget at a public hearing in July. If you have questions, please feel free to email


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This entry was posted on February 2, 2015 by in Home - Inside NCSD.

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