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Employee Online, Links and Communication Making Progress.

Employee online is being enhanced with more and more functionality for staff. An employee can view paystubs, leave information, insurance, learning opportunities and how to apply for other positions. Over the next 6 months, the site will gain a multitude of functions to serve as a one stop shop for employees needing forms and information.

Timecards will also be featured on Employee Online by next fall. The process will be simple and secure and will help accurately and quickly prepare payroll for employees who need to fill out a timecard.

A group is working on a series of instructional videos on how to utilize Employee Online and its many features. Additionally, Superintendent Hopkins is encouraging principals and directors to ensure all of their staff have access to computers to access the upgraded tool.

The district has also moved closer to reconciling credit card statements with our accounting system and our bank. Once this is in place, some cards will be distributed to select employees to get the remainder of the bugs worked out.

On the communication front, informational emails to staff should begin in the next few weeks as an attempt to improve communication in the district. These emails will include interesting stories from around our schools, committee work updates and information staff would find relevant and important to their work.

The email will be sent through FirstClass, so there will also be opportunities for assistance for employees who do not know how to log into their email. The goal is to make sure everyone gets the information they need. Building IT techs or the IT department from Central Office can help when requested.

Considerations for cabinet:

Access to computers, Superintendent Hopkins is hearing most employees do have access, but it is still being dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Please contact him if you know of an employee who does not have access to a computer or needs training on how to use it.

Two additional items for Cabinet consideration include; ELL staffing ratio from NCASE and pay and mileage in rural settings. The IRS says you cannot reimburse people to and from their home and job, but you can between jobsites.

Next meeting will be February 5, 2015.


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This entry was posted on January 22, 2015 by in Home - Inside NCSD.

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