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Committee discusses retention of existing KWHS gyms

The Board Construction Steering Committee met on January 16, 2015. The following items were discussed:



Ken Field of RB+B Architects began the discussion by telling the group that Sampson Construction is developing a cost estimate for pool building construction. This estimate will be split up by what the District will need to pay and what the state will pay. It should be ready by the Feb. 6 meeting. Estimate will also include any potential enhancements, broken out by component. The group then discussed matching the façade of the pool building with the new school building under construction.


KWHS Existing Gyms

Kevin Christopherson outlined the board’s desire to retain the existing gyms on KWHS campus. Terry Hooker, NCSD’s Athletics & Activities Director, spoke about the District’s need for space for both athletics and activities. Christopherson said he’d like the gyms to look good, and also be a part of the new campus.

David Kress, of RB+B Architects showed the committee a rendering of the gyms’ spaces and walked through the options: 1.) Keeping the main gym, 2.) Keeping the auxiliary gym, 3.) Keeping both gyms. Christopherson said it is the desire of the board to keep both gyms. Kress showed a quick study drawing that showed the impact on parking – saying keeping both gyms would cut about 10 spots from the planned parking lot. Some of these spaces could be added back in elsewhere on campus. Kress also showed the committee other site issues, including site level issues because the courts are on a lower level of elevation. RB+B will bring back a more in-depth study and will look at whether the buildings should be connected to the new construction. For code reasons it makes more sense to not connect the buildings. In their study, RB+B will provide line-item costs to show what is needed and what could be done with the buildings. They will also work with Sampson to prepare cost estimates on construction. They will attempt to have their report completed and a study prepared by March 6.

Next, Duane Reimer, a teacher at KWHS, spoke about many of the issues with retaining the gyms, including maintenance, supervision, parking, and security. He said there are issues with parking currently because of after-school activities. Having additional activities in the retained space on campus would only add to the parking woes. KWHS principal Brad Diller strongly suggested not connecting the gyms to the main structure. Reimer also spoke about the design elements that would be impaired by the existing gyms remaining on campus. These items are a “walk of fame wall” to be placed on a retaining wall, and a planned Trojan statue. The KWHS representatives gave a “thumbs-down” about the retention of the gyms because of all the issues that surround the KWHS campus.

Christopherson said that the entire community could benefit by the retention of the gyms, regardless of the issues that KWHS brought up. Paula Reid told the KWHS reps that the goal of keeping the gyms is in response to the community – and not an attempt to make the KWHS campus worse. Diller said that if the gyms did remain on campus, it would be nice for the exterior to match the new building, and the parking concerns would have to be remedied.

Next, discussions centered around the source of the funding that would be needed to maintain the facilities because they would become enhancements. Clark Jensen asked about the possibility of keeping the old CYJHS gyms long-term instead of the KWHS gyms.


Meeting with Wyoming SFD

Dennis Bay, NCSD’s Executive Director for Business Services told the committee about a meeting NCSD officials had with the School Facilities Department regarding the elementary school design re-bid issue for the new capacity elementary school to be constructed at the old CYJHS site. An RFP will be issued in March requesting a prototype design (but not necessarily Summit Elementary’s design) that can be built within budget ($13.6 million) and with elements similar to what Summit has. The bid for the project’s contractor would be awarded in the fall of 2015, meaning the school could be finished by May of 2017 – ready for school in the fall of 2017.

Bay also told the committee a contract will be awarded to start demo in April. The abatement contract will be voted on at the next Board of Trustees meeting (Jan. 26.)



Superintendent Steve Hopkins told the committee the final cost for the SFAC project is over budget by $56,000. Hopkins recommended to the committee to enter into an MOU with the state of Wyoming requiring them to pay for their portion of the overage. This would prevent NCSD from spending any of the $4 million supplemental allocation. The SFD agreed to this idea earlier in the week when meeting with NCSD officials.


Bar Nunn Addition

Bay told the committee the estimated cost of the project is $7.7 million and the state’s budget is $3.7 million. The large discrepancy is partly due to the exclusion of the reconfiguration of the current school in order to bring it up to code. The next step is for the value engineering process to take place.

Next, the committee spoke about enrollment numbers and the need for new seats across the District. The committee spoke about the desire to meet with oil/gas industry leaders in order to get predictions on the future of the economic climate in the Casper area – which can be an indicator of enrollment growth or decline.


Southridge Update

Bay told the committee that two firms have identified that materials specified in bid documents for the backfill of the foundation were not used.


Items Coming to Future Board Meetings

  • Lincoln FF&E: The FF&E bid award will be coming to the Board soon. Initial bids were over budget, but those were for all new furniture, so it will be re-worked.
  • Lincoln Smoke Detectors: An enhancement of $10,400 will pay for smoke detectors. This will come to the Board in February.
  • NCHS Next Phase Abatement Bid Award: Funded by SFD; project abatement was split, so multiple companies are involved.
  • NCSD Enhancement Projects and Funding Plan: Will come forward for the Board to review in February or March.


The next Construction Steering Committee meeting is scheduled for February 6.

Attendance: Kevin Christopherson, Rita Walsh, Dana Howie, Paula Reid, Clark Jensen, Debbie McCullar, Steve Hopkins, Dennis Bay, Doug Tunison, Terry Hooker, Brad Diller, Duane Reimer, Dave Davis, Ken Field, David Kress, Thad Lienemann, Kent Jorgensen, Allen Bruggman



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