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Board Academic Steering Committee Discusses K-2 Assessment

Board Academic Steering Committee

Jan. 15th 2015

Members present: Elizabeth Horsch (Chair- Trustee), Rita Walsh (Trustee), Paula Reid (Trustee), Toni Billings (Trustee), Debbie McCullar (Trustee), Clark Jensen (Trustee), Danna Anderson (C&I), Steve Hopkins (Superintendent), Kelly Hornby (Curriculum & Instruction), Dana Howie (Trustee), Walt Wilcox (Curriculum & Instruction), Tanya Southerland (Communications)

K-2 Assessment Update

Trustee Horsch submitted an inquiry for committee discussion regarding assessment tests utilized by the district for grades K-2. Specifically, the reasoning behind why we utilize these assessments and what we do with the information. In response, Kelly Hornby, Executive Director C&I, provided a comprehensive overview of K-2 Assessment for the committee.

Three major assessments:

Lit First- formative assessment, to be utilized in ongoing nature in classroom, used to assess the beginning reading skills of our learners

NWEA- Interim assessment- administered 3 times a year, skills and content based

CA/R- Benchmark assessments

Teachers are able to visit with students after the Lit First and CA/R testing to discuss the content and improve upon needed areas in their classrooms. NCSD teachers developed the content for the math CA/R assessment piece.


How tests are measured:

Lit First- administered by teacher, individually, rubric and observation

NWEA- on the computer

CA/R- not provided


Trustee Horsch expressed her intention behind bringing this issue to the committee is based on current assessment research. Students are taught content or lessons via multiple avenues and then tested on the content via computer assessment. Multiple research data shows assessments would provide a more accurate account of student knowledge if assessments were given in the same format the knowledge was taught.

Trustee Walsh suggested a survey should be given to teachers in search of their ideas and suggestions regarding assessment at all levels. The committee consensus was one of appreciation for the teacher survey regarding assessment practices.

Standards Based Education

Associate Superintendent for C&I, Walt Wilcox, provided a brief introduction to the committee regarding Standards Based Education. He acknowledged the positive effect subject area committees will have on the direction of Standards Based Education at NCSD stating, “educators will be able to connect to and own the work while having a voice in the understanding and implementation of standards.”


Items for review included:

  • 9 content areas to meet Wyoming statutory expectations
  • 3 additional standards approved by Governor since last committee meeting
    1. Career & Voc Ed, Physical Education, Social Studies
  • Science standards last reviewed 2008, review of standards has been currently halted by state board
  • State data pieces include: SAWS, PAWS,
  • Proposed idea to allow NCSD educators to be engaged in doing standards based work
  • Curriculum Coordinating Council proposed: continues to be voice and advisory on standards based education
  • Subject Area Committees: Meet during the year to deconstruct the standards, curriculum design, interim assessment design, assessment alignment and resource alignment. Attempt to understand the standards and its intent for instruction and curriculum.
    1. English Language Arts Subject Area committee
    2. Health Subject Area committee
    3. Math Subject Area committee

The next meeting of the Board Academic Steering Committee will be February 9th from 4-5 p.m. in the Westwood Room at Central Services.


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