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Committee discusses options at KWHS

The Board Construction Steering Committee met on December 19, 2014. The following items were discussed:

New Capacity ES at the old CYJHS site

Dennis Bay, NCSD’s Executive Director for Business Services gave the committee a recap of the SFC meeting on December 17-18. At the meeting the SFC Commissioners voted against the hiring of RB+B Architects for the design of this new school using the existing Summit ES as the prototype design. The SFC Commissioners stated they want to have the District advertise for an RFP for design services and follow the standard SFD requirements for design process selection. This will push back the opening of this new school to the academic year 2017-2018 (it was originally scheduled to open 2016-2017). The District will be working with the SFD staff to initiate the RFP process for designers and will be following the procedural process from the SFD. District Facilities staff will need a Trustee to serve on the design selection committee.

Recap of Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E) Process

Bay, gave the committee a recap regarding how the FF&E process is initiated and how the designers manage their projects’ FF&E budgets.

Bay then showed a breakdown of NCHS’s FF&E cost estimation. Each classroom in the building was budgeted by Bassetti Architects and NC staff. The group discussed the process that schools go through to select furniture. Members then discussed a possible process for approving FF&E costs for individual buildings. Bay and Superintendent Steve Hopkins will work on developing this process to ensure that FF&E purchases are not excessive and are consistent between buildings. Part of the process will include district staff reviewing the budget lists prior to them going to the Board.

Update on Property Acquisition

Next, Bay updated the committee about discussions regarding the Goodstein Foundation property across Collins Ave. from the NCHS campus. The asking price is $1.7 million for the two blocks (bisected by the rail trail). The properties would have to be purchased together. The committee discussed possible options for the land if it was purchased.

KWHS Swimming Pool Building/Gymnasiums

RB+B Architects is working on cost estimates for these projects. Before they come to final numbers RB+B wants committee feedback on what is desired for the buildings/areas. Hopkins recommended coming up with a dollar figure and then allowing RB+B to design around that. Through discussions, there appeared to be three options for the pool building:

  1. What the state will pay for – bare essentials
  2. New façade/storefront, landscaping, a wall that faces entrance (sign), staging room (existing woodshop)
  3. A $2.5 to $3 million option

Bay will request that RB+B present at the next committee meeting.

Next, the group discussed the existing gyms at KWHS. Dave Applegate said he would like to see a conceptual site plan that shows the gym being retained and the impact it would have on the existing site plan – including estimated design and construction costs.

New Elementary School and Former CY Gymnasiums

Construction is impending on the gyms at the old CY campus. Abatement on the structures is scheduled to start in January.

Safety and Security Alternate Bid Items for projects

Bay told the committee that some of the alternate bid items at new schools can be purchased from major maintenance funds or from the state security money that will be distributed at a later date. The State will be assessing all schools for Safety & Security items and that they will be issuing a “needs” analysis for funding ranking. The District currently has in excess of $1,000,000 of Safety and Security projects that are in the SFD’s Supplemental Budget Request that will be presented to the 2015 Legislature for approval. This however does not account for all of the District’s needs.

Floor Finishes at KWHS, NCHS, and RHS/CAPS

Bay reported that all the floor finishes at the new high schools are very comparable. KWHS has approached Bay about their desire to have different finishes. Change orders for these could be paid for by contingency, though the state may claim it’s an enhancement.

NCHS Update

Bay told the committee that some floor slabs were in non-conformance so they will be removed and re-poured.

Midwest Kitchen Update

Four different air quality tests performed in the kitchen have been negative. OSHA has also performed a test, which was negative. A new range/oven with vent hood will be installed at the beginning of 2015. Once all the new equipment is installed and turned on, a new test will be performed, and then all the equipment will be turned off and a subsequent test will be performed to compare.

Southridge Foundation Settlement

Testing continues at Southridge Elementary. Initial tests revealed a 6-inch void under the slab. This remains an on-going situation.

The next Construction Steering Committee meeting is scheduled for January 16.

Attendance: Kevin Christopherson, Rita Walsh, Dana Howie, Paula Reid, Dave Applegate, Steve Hopkins, Dennis Bay, Allen Bruggman



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