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Timeline released for standards-based work

Division Stakeholder Committees have been created to assist divisions in obtaining input and feedback on tasks assigned to divisions by Cabinet. The Committees are recommending bodies to their respective divisions and ultimately Cabinet. The Committees will use a consultative decision making process in formulating recommendations to their respective division and Cabinet.

At the December 18 meeting all three stakeholder groups met jointly. First, superintendent Steve Hopkins asked for feedback from the collective group members. There were various items mentioned, including: administrative questions/concerns, a recommendation that Cabinet send out periodic updates about inter-divisional communication, questions about the process of creating ad-hoc committee groups, and questions regarding the process of bringing topics to the stakeholder committees.

Next the group spoke about the process for the employee associations to gather input about specific issues. Some of the groups send out input requests via Staff Bulletin Board, while others send specific messages to members or those eligible employees. Hopkins brought up the question to see if any of these employee groups want District support when it comes to gathering input. The associations will respond in January whether they would like that support or not. Hopkins also asked those groups to present data/input in summary form – not point by point.

Lastly, the group discussed items related to the stakeholder committees. Generally positive comments were received, though there was one issue with SEIO association employees being able give input by accessing computers while at work.

After the committees broke back into their separate groups, Walt Wilcox, NCSD’s Associate Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction, gave a brief update on the standards-based education issue. There will be a Steering Committee meeting in early January where members will write Curriculum Procedures to be used by the Curriculum Coordinating Council. Employee association members, C&I reps, and other staff members will make up that group. Wilcox then told the group that 26 of 31 schools had specific strategies regarding the strategic goal initiatives of meeting a standards-based system. Schools submitted their individual strategic plans in moving toward the standards-based system. Other schools are also working toward the same goal.

Wilcox then shared a timeline document that shows training and activities that are happening in 2015 that lead to a standards-based system. The timeline items are geared toward the content areas of Health and English/Language Arts.

Next, the group heard from employee representation groups:

SEIO: No items. (no representatives)

NCEA: Jill Felbeck-Jones reported they had received positive feedback from teachers regarding their students’ participation within the Foundations program. She also reported they had received some concerns about the use of iPads within the classroom. Sheila McHattie said she thinks it’s important for NCEA to get together and summarize the input/data they receive before meetings (discussed at group stakeholder meeting.)

NCASE: No items.

NCAESS: No items.

The next C&I Stakeholder Meeting is scheduled for January 15.

Attendance: Walt Wilcox, Kelly Hornby, Dean Braughton, Aaron Wilson, Sheila McHattie, Michelle Blake, Angela Hensley, Ted Hanson, Norm Cox, Terry Hooker, Jill Felbeck-Jones, Marie Puryear, Jon Lever, Allen Bruggman



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