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Business and Facilities Stakeholder Committee – 12-18-2014

All stakeholder committees convened together initially and Superintendent Hopkins asked everyone how the stakeholder process is working? The comments were positive and lauded the efficiency of the meetings as well as having fewer meetings. Some questions arose about how items are brought to the stakeholder meetings. Superintendent Hopkins explained there are several methods that can be utilized, but there was an emphasis on empowering the association representatives to work with their employee groups. A question arose about when feedback is needed, how is it gathered? Homework for the group is to figure out how they want to get the input.

The groups then dispersed into their individual committees. Ryan Kelly gave an update on Links Services. Ryan said Employee Online is functioning now. In January, we will for implement more functionality to Employee Online making it function as an intranet. Drew and Ryan will make a video to communicate how to log in.

The advisory committee would like cabinet to look into access to computers. About a year ago, there was a directive to principals and directors to ensure all employees have access to computers. They were to get with IT to get equipment. The leaders should also provide time for access.

Superintendent Hopkins wants to know where people do not have access to computers. Kathy surveyed and there were some that noted they did not have access. Steve said he would approach the leaders to make sure the issue gets addressed.

Training was discussed. Jeff Brewster will be tasked to train folks on email, employee online, etc. There was also an interest in offering a more robust employee orientation.

Next meeting will be January 15.


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