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Committee discusses updates on first semester work

Division Stakeholder Committees have been created to assist divisions in obtaining input and feedback on tasks assigned to divisions by Cabinet. The Committees are recommending bodies to their respective divisions and ultimately Cabinet. The Committees will use a consultative decision making process in formulating recommendations to their respective division and Cabinet. 

To begin the December 4 meeting Walt Wilcox, Associate Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction told the group that during the next Stakeholder meeting time slot (on Dec. 18) all the District’s stakeholder groups will meet together to share the work that has occurred during the fall semester.

Next, Wilcox gave an introduction regarding the undue influence and vertical articulation items that have been discussed at previous stakeholder committee meetings, and have been worked on by an ad-hoc group. Wilcox also distributed a draft document that included draft language regarding those topics. The document will serve as a framework for the Board as they draft the District policy. The purpose behind the discussions regarding these topics is to “prevent individuals or organizations from exerting undue influence, pressure or efforts to recruit for purposes of securing or retaining the attendance of a student in a particular school.” Terry Hooker, NCSD’s Director of Athletics/Activities, reported on the vertical articulation discussions that have taken place at the subcommittee level. Hooker said the biggest takeaway from the subcommittee discussions is the desire to teach 4th and 5th grade students skills that would serve any student and/or program well in the future. Coaches/teachers would teach these skills out of a collaborated-on handbook. Joint meetings would also occur to make sure all activities and sports are on the same page. The group also agreed that this process should help with continuity for the coaching positions. The group still has some issues that they aren’t in agreement with, and will continue to work on those.

Next, Ted Hanson, NCSD’s Special Services Director, spoke about the behavior training and support issue. Hanson said that Cabinet reviewed the proposal and had a few questions – mainly budget-related. Cabinet also asked if this type of training is a “train the trainer” process. Hanson said it is, and Cabinet has moved the proposal forward to the Board for approval. If approved, the trainer (Diana Browning Wright) will make her first visit to NCSD this spring.

Next, Wilcox gave a brief update on the standards-based education issue. Wilcox said at an upcoming Board work session a group of staff members will report on standards-based topics – including how individual schools are preparing their strategic plans for the standards-based system. There were questions raised regarding assessment results at the high school level, and concern about the elementary schools proceeding with standards-based systems at differing paces. Concern was also brought up regarding the use of benchmark results as a grade – something they are not designed to be. The group discussed the benchmark results could be used as a progress tool, but not as a gradable component. The group also discussed support from the District regarding implementation of the standards-based system.

Next, the group heard from employee representation groups:

SEIO: No items. (no representatives)

NCEA: NCEA received the list of teachers that have students in the Foundations program, but they have not had an opportunity to speak with those teachers, so they don’t have a report yet. Also, a message was sent through FirstClass that gives all teachers (not just NCEA members) an opportunity to give feedback to NCEA.

NCASE: No items.

NCAESS: No items.

The next C&I Stakeholder Meeting is scheduled for December 18 (joint meeting). 

Attendance: Walt Wilcox, Kelly Hornby, Dean Braughton, Aaron Wilson, Sheila McHattie, Michelle Blake, Bobbie VanHouten, Danna Anderson, Angela Hensley, Ted Hanson, Norm Cox, Terry Hooker, Jill Felbeck-Jones, Shawna Trujillo, Marie Puryear, Wayne Tuttle, Allen Bruggman



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