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Business & Facilities Services Stakeholder Committee – Report 11-20-14

 The members of the stakeholder committee are:

Dennis Bay (Leader), Debbie Stoneking (Recorder), Annette Ambrosino (NCAESS), Brenda Miller (SEIO), Chad Sharpe (NCASE), Erica Petersen (NCEA), Judy Cornia (NCEA), Kathy Sedmak (NCAESS), Kelly Eastes (Community Partnerships), Michael Jennings (NCASE), Mike Pyska (Warehouse/NCASE), Rick Skatula (NCASE), Ryan Kelly (Payroll), Scott Honken (Maintenance), Shellie Kirk (Business Office), Sonja Leimback (NCEA), Scott Schutte (NCEA), Syd Webb (Transportation)

The committee came to the meeting with feedback on business office initiatives and communication.

NCAESS discussed their concerns about Timecard Online. Their constituents have concerns around employee access to computers and how approval of the timecards happens. They suggested training would be necessary for users of the system.

SEIO had the same concerns as NCAESS. Specifically, they noted having only 6 computers for 136 bus drivers. Additionally, they wondered about the stability of the program and what would happen if the system went down.

SEIO also suggested the development of an app for the District to use as a communication tool.

NCEA reported its members wanted to insure whatever is used, it remains simple to use. They questioned the cost-efficiency of keeping FirstClass as an email system. Representatives from IT stated FirstClass is a system that provides a secure electronic tool for students to communicate with teachers and is a controlled system. Gmail does not provide the same control features to protect students.

NCASE had no comments on communication, but shared the same concerns over more training being needed for use of the new Business Office initiatives.

The committee asked that their suggestions for additional computer access and training be forwarded to Cabinet.

The timeline for Timecard Online is to begin implementation next fall with full implementation in Jan. 2017.


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