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Academic Steering Committee continues work on Best Educational Practices Initiative

Board Academic Steering Committee

November 10th, 2014

Members present: Elizabeth Horsch (Chair- Trustee), Rita Walsh (Trustee), Paula Reid (Trustee), Pat Keefe, Danna Anderson (C&I), Susan Sandoval (Trustee), Steve Hopkins (Superintendent), Kelly Hornby (Curriculum & Instruction), Dana Howie (Trustee), Dave Driggers (Trustee), Toni Billings (Trustee), Tanya Southerland (Communications)

The Academic Steering Committee met on November 10th, 2014. Trustee and Chairperson Elizabeth Horsch welcomed the group and upon approval of minutes the following items were discussed:

Board Resolution for Best Education Practices

Chairperson Trustee Horsch reviewed a draft resolution for Best Educational Practices with the committee and offered her thoughts on the importance and purpose of its creation, “This initiative speaks to the fact that we are a school system, not a system of schools. This is a monumental change for our district.” It was discussed the language of the Resolution speaks to the fact the document is incumbent upon any and all type of educational standards, regardless of the future of Common Core, as “Best Practices” is a generalized term that is inclusive to any direction in the future the district may take.

Members of the committee approved removing “Draft” from this Resolution and moving it forward for Board consideration.


Accountability Data and Indicators

Executive Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Kelly Hornby, updated the group on a summary of NCSD performance in the Wyoming Accountability System.

  • NCSD added an additional school in “Exceeding Expectations”
  • NCSD showed an minor increase in “Partially Meeting Expectations”
  • Assessments/Tests changed this year, as expected, thus scores were impacted accordingly.
  • Baseline year- unable to compare longitude.
  • Next year will show more comparable results and longitude
  • Five indicator of the HS Performance rate include: ACT, participation rate, graduation rate, number of attempted/completed 9th grade credits, college ready benchmarks with Plan & Explore.

As a result of the summary provided, committee members expressed an interest in the following areas:

  • More information on the Elementary and Secondary schools around the state who are exceeding expectations. How? Why? Can we learn from them?
  • Expressed interested in NCSD Elementary- Oregon Trail
    • Oregon Trail aligns curriculum as a school
    • Placed-based education practiced continuously
    • Longevity of staff

In closing, Superintendent Steve Hopkins discussed the role of the Academic Steering Committee in future discussions and actions relating to NCSD’s performance in the Wyoming Accountability System saying, “Conversations will continue forward and the Academic Steering Committee has a strong foundation for discussing the “what” and “how” in relation to state standards and assessment.”




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