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Human Resources Stakeholder Committee Continues Work on Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey


Members of Committee (bold in attendance): Crystal Mueller (Leader), Dawn Cummings (Recorder), Mike Bond (HR), Verba Echols (HR), Jeff Brewster (HR), Stephanie Edwards (HR), Drew Walker (HR), Arlene Steward (HR), Andrea Nester (HR), Gayle Schnorenberg (NCAESS), Jana Shepperson(NCAESS), Rene Rickabaugh (NCASE), Tom Ernst (NCASE), Christopher Dresang (NCASE), Wayne Carlson (SEIO), Robert Minor (SEIO), Marci Kutzer (NCEA), Ardyth Fritts (NCEA), Carl Myers (NCEA), Doreen McGlade (NCEA), Tanya Southerland (Communications)


Dr. Crystal Mueller, Associate Superintendent of Human Resources, opened the meeting by welcoming committee members and reviewing the HR Division Mission and Initiatives. It was agreed the purpose of the committee is to make consultative decisions and provide recommendations regarding the Human Resources Division to Cabinet.


To open the meeting brief updates were provided to the committee in reference to the following items:


LINKS Reporting-

  • Updated and more intuitive system
  • Benefits include: user friendly, flexible, easier to upload forms, more interactive, information crossover



  • Tool used to create an evaluation workflow between employee and supervisor
  • Currently being constructed by HR & IT
  • Information will be available to future supervisors as the employee moves within the district; data will be available to be utilized in professional development implementation and goal achievement.


Stakeholder Satisfaction Strategic Improvement


Committee members extended their work on the Stakeholder Satisfaction Strategic Improvement plan with continued conversations in respect to moving the Customer Satisfaction survey forward towards the implementation stages. It was discussed the language in the survey may need clarification regarding “who” and “when” the survey is taken. The committee will review the DRAFT Customer Satisfaction Survey provided and have suggestions ready for the next HR Stakeholder Committee meeting.


Employee Celebration and Recognition


The HR Stakeholder Committee is currently reviewing Employee Celebration and Recognition at NCSD. In order to provide an all-encompassing recommendation to Cabinet, the committee members engaged in conversations with their constituents surrounding the celebration/recognition process. Some highlights and common responses from those discussions are listed below:


  • Many employees appreciate direct recognition from their immediate supervisor or team for daily tasks.
  • Recognition for employees going “above and beyond” their regular job duties is appreciated.
  • It was noted many employees need clarification regarding the nomination process, criteria, and awards.


Conversations will continue to move forward with NCSD employees and HR Stakeholder Committee members regarding Employee Celebration and Recognition. The committee will review the outcomes of these conversations at the upcoming Stakeholder meeting to get a better understanding of employee recommendations for the celebrations.




The next HR Stakeholder Committee Meeting will be Dec. 18th at 4:00 p.m. in the Fairdale Room at Central Services.


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