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Board committee receives updated “Enhancements” budget

The Board Construction Steering Committee met on November 21, 2014. The following items were discussed:

CAPS Equipment

CAPS Principal Chad Sharpe started the meeting by showing a simplified budget for CAPS equipment. The high priority items total just under $2.5 million – which includes a 29% contingency for freight, installation, etc. A separate low-priority list is roughly $280,000. Of the $2.5 million, high priority list, roughly $250,000 is needed soon to be able to purchase and place equipment in the building during construction. A completely different budget is set-aside for FF&E, and that is around $1 million.

Superintendent Steve Hopkins spoke about potentially approaching individuals that have offered to pay for CAPS equipment. Hopkins, Kelly Eastes, Paula Reid, and Dave Applegate will work along with the Education Foundation to visit with those businesses/individuals that are interested in purchasing that equipment.


KWHS Enhancement Updates

Dennis Bay, NCSD’s Executive Director for Business Services, gave the committee a recap of the gym height issue at KWHS. Originally, the SFD’s guidelines called for them to pay for gymnasiums with an interior space height of 24 feet. It was pointed out to the SFD that the Wyoming High School Activities Association rulebook stipulates that state regional tournament facilities must have at least 25 feet of interior space height. Because of this new information, the SFD raised their own guidelines to meet the 25-foot criteria. The gym at KWHS was designed for 26 feet of interior space height to meet capacity demands, so the District will have to pay for the additional one foot as an enhancement. Bay said this cost of $32,251 will come from the enhancement budget. Also at KW, the enlarged gyms, enlarged CTE spaces, and enlarged commons came in under-budget. But the raised gym height, and Construction Materials Testing came in over budget. At this point the enhancement budget has a remainder of nearly $3,000.


KWHS Pools/Shops – Funding Request

The funding request portion of this item was pushed, because the District hasn’t received the estimate from RB+B for the costs to save the shops/reconnect utilities. Funding-wise, Applegate said this might be an opportunity to pull from some of the $4 million contingency that we have for the high schools. Bay also shared a memo that says the state will pay for utility reconnections and closure walls for the pool building.


NCHS Enhancement Budget Update

Bay shared a report on NCHS construction items that showed the SFAC was under-budget by $21,182, but after the IT items were included, the overage will be $54,661.90 (total includes applying the $21,182). The report stated that the District has requested the state pay for the overage out of the $4 million contingency for the high schools.


CTE Space

The Board approved $530,000, and the bid came in at $509,000, but Bay told the committee he expects the SFD to ask the District to foot the bill on construction materials testing on the enhancement portion.

Stage Lift

One lift is paid for by the state, the other is not. Kelly Eastes shared some advertisements that the District is using to help raise the money ($350,000) to purchase the other lift. The Wyoming Symphony Orchestra is also on-board with helping to raise the money.


Bay provided a worksheet for NCHS’s FF&E budget that has an estimated bid total of $1.5 million, which is under the architect’s remaining budget estimate of $1.75 million. Other items have already been taken out to fund custodial equipment and IT costs. Applegate asked about the equity between the FF&E budgets for both NCHS and KWHS. Applegate wants to ensure there is equity in the quality of the furniture at each school. Hopkins suggested that the District ask that the architects at the three high school building projects come together to compile a report on the types of furniture in each building. If the report shows a significant difference, we could approach the state about fixing the issue.


New Westside Capacity Elementary School at the CYJHS site

NCSD is negotiating a contract with Sheet Metal Specialties, Inc. to be the contractor on retaining the gyms at the old CYJHS campus. The tentative timeline shows completion of the project by March 2015, though the gyms can be used during construction for NCHS basketball practices. Complete demo of the old school building is expected to be done by June 15, with the new capacity elementary school completed by the summer of 2016, ready for students for the 2016-2017 school year.


Midwest Cafeteria Update

Doug Tunison gave an update on the smells at Midwest’s cafeteria. Tunison said the space has been tested twice for VOCs, which have been negative with the exception of a small spike in alcohols – which could be from cleaning supplies. Tunison said the kitchen hood ventilation system has also been tested and is working. An additional carbon monoxide test was also negative. The District will continue to investigate the smells.

The next Construction Steering Committee meeting is scheduled for December 5.

Attendance: Kevin Christopherson, Dana Howie, Paula Reid, Elizabeth Horsch, Dave Applegate, Steve Hopkins, Dennis Bay, Doug Tunison, Chad Sharpe, Kelly Eastes, Allen Bruggman



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