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Human Resources Stakeholder Committee

Human Resources Stakeholder Committee

November 6th, 2014

Mike Bond (Leader), Dawn Cummings (Recorder), Jeff Brewster (HR), Drew Walker (HR), Arlene Steward (HR), Andrea Nester (HR), Jana Shepperson (NCAESS), Gayle Schnorenberg (NCAESS), Tom Ernst (NCASE), Robert Minor (SEIO), Carl Myers (NCEA), Doreen McGlade (NCEA), Tanya Southerland (Communications)

Division Stakeholder Committees have been created to assist divisions in obtaining input and feedback on tasks assigned to divisions by Cabinet. The Committees are recommending bodies to their respective divisions and ultimately Cabinet. The Committees will use a consultative decision making process in formulating recommendations to their respective division and Cabinet.


Michael Bond, Executive Director of Human Resources & Title I opened the meeting by welcoming members and reviewing the agenda for the meeting. It was noted attendance was down due to many NCSD schools participating in parent-teacher conferences.

The first action item on the agenda was to review feedback from organizations represented by committee members in relation to the Stakeholder Satisfaction Strategic Improvement Survey. Doreen McGlade presented feedback gained from representatives of NCEA and SEIO representative, Robert Minor, shared feedback from his constituents.

  • How can we ensure employees will actually take the survey?
    1. People feel as if survey results are not appropriately used, nervousness in relation to surveys not being anonymous. (NCEA)
    2. Provide better access to computers, more time allowed for the survey and computers able to support survey format. (SEIO)
  • How can we ensure the customer survey will help us improve?
    1. Publish and share the results and action taken (NCEA & SEIO)
    2. Clarity and conciseness in the survey questions (NCEA)
  • To whom should the survey be sent?
    1. Stakeholders and those relevant to the information asked (NCEA & SEIO)
  • How should the customer services survey be sent and how often?
    1. Survey monkey, emails, FirstClass (NCEA)
    2. Only as needed

Other HR stakeholder committee members will bring input from their employee organizations at upcoming meetings. HR will work towards providing sample questions for the survey to stakeholder committee members for review.

Employee Celebration and Recognition

Under the guidance of Leader Mike Bond, the committee reviewed and discussed processes relating to the history of Employee Celebration & Recognition at NCSD. Many ideas and thoughts were expressed in relation to Celebration and Recognition at NCSD. Multiple committee members expressed the process needs to be measurable and proportioned fairly within the various divisions/schools/buildings in the district. The group will review with their constituents the following questions regarding NCSD Employee Celebration and Recognition and share their findings at the next HR Stakeholder meeting:

  • What do employees want to be recognized for?
  • How do employees want to be recognized?
  • If Celebration of Excellence is to continue, what changes or improvements should be implemented?
  • If the Longevity Celebration is to continue, what changes or improvements should be implemented?

Substitute and Staffing Update

Director of Human Resources Development, Jeff Brewster, shared with the committee updates in relation to substitute trends and hiring numbers. NCSD is now having interviews for substitutes twice a week and will continuing hiring throughout the summer to work towards building the substitute hiring pool.

An adhoc workgroup composed of teachers and principals will be working with Human Resources to finalize the 2014 Staffing Calendar, with a due date to Cabinet of November 25th.

The next Human Resources Stakeholder Committee meeting will be held November 20th, 2014, in the Fairdale Room, 4:00 p.m.- 6:00 p.m.


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