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Business & Facilities Services Stakeholder Committee

Business & Facilities Services Stakeholder Committee

November 6, 2014

The group reviewed minutes, the purpose and process documents of the committee.

Kelly Eastes, Chief Public Relations Officer presented a draft communication strategy document to the group. The strategy is to have three main areas of focus; parents, staff and leadership. The district will continue to operate Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as, and several other sites for information.

For parents, there will be a new website developed by the middle of next summer to replace the current Additionally, there will be a parent-specific email sent out regularly that updates parents on great news from around the district and helps answer frequently asked questions and provides links to resources.

For staff, there will be several changes take place in the next six months. Employee online will receive some upgrades and will become an official intranet for staff. Access to all of your employee information, forms, information about the district, etc., will be accessible when you login to employee online. Additionally, Firstclass will have its district-level folders purged. By doing this, all out of date forms and information will be removed and all current information will be available through employee online.

Firstclass will remain as a robust tool for district email communications and school-based system for communication with students and hosting folders for classes and school information.

Gmail and Google Drive will continue to be a place to share meeting specific information and documents. Employees can set up their Firstclass accounts to forward to their Gmail, if they prefer. will still be a source for information for staff, but employee online will serve as the primary location for staff information and resources.

Superintendent News will be phased out for Leadership and will be replaced by Leadershipnews, a similar weekly email in Firstclass. Leadership will find updates on calendar and resources to assist leaders in their jobs.

Ryan Kelly, Director of Business Services, gave an update on important projects.

AESOP/Subtracker is getting closer to implementation. Training needs and bugs are being worked out.

Timecard Online is being worked on with planned trainings next fall and a full implementation in January 2016.

Credit Cards in the district will begin in a limited number this winter. A system to serve the district is expected to be in place August 2015. This project needs to insure accountability and accuracy. Our bank is working with us to implement a reconciliation software solution to help with this project.

Recruitment Management will replace Applicant Online. There were several user issues with Applicant Online and beginning this November with some postings, the new system should help make the process easier.

Laserfiche is an electronic data and document-sharing platform that will be used for evaluations with a test group of volunteers this beginning fall.

Employee Online will continue to gain functionality and features so it evolves into a dynamic tool to help employees track their pay, time, benefits, taxes and other important information.

One of the issues pointed out by the group was access to computers for employees.

Leaders are strongly encouraged to insure all employees have access to a computer. Most of the district’s business and communication is going to be electronic.

Superintendent Hopkins would like employees to give feedback concerning the information listed above. Please do so through your representative listed below, or email feedback or questions to The group’s consensus was to meet in two weeks.

Members of the committee are: Steve Hopkins (Leader), Debbie Stoneking (Recorder), Annette Ambrosino (NCAESS), Brenda Miller (SEIO), Chad Sharpe (NCASE), Dennis Bay (Facilities), Erica Petersen (NCEA), Judy Cornia (NCEA), Kathy Sedmak (NCAESS), Kelly Eastes (Community Partnerships), Michael Jennings (NCASE), Mike Pyska (Warehouse/NCASE), Rick Skatula (NCASE), Ryan Kelly (Payroll), Scott Honken (Maintenance), Shellie Kirk (Business Office), Sonja Leimback (NCEA), Scott Schutte (NCEA), Syd Webb (Transportation),

Next meeting the 20th, 4-6 p.m.


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