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Committee decides to save portion of existing KWHS wood shop building

The Board Construction Steering Committee met on November 7, 2014. The following items were discussed:

Wyoming SFD 2015-16 Supplemental Budget

Dennis Bay, NCSD’s Executive Director for Business Services, presented the proposed Supplemental Budget for the Wyoming School Facilities Department. The budget showed a list of items that were security project requests from districts across the state. Among those were eight projects within NCSD that were on a list that Bay and NCSD Superintendent Steve Hopkins had compiled last spring. The eight projects total nearly $1.2 million that includes various security items. If the budget is approved the money would be available July 1, 2015 for use on the security projects at Midwest, Centennial, Crest Hill, Verda James, Paradise Valley, Fort Caspar, the Special Education Service Center, and Evansville. Bay also told the group that eventually the state will produce a safety/security needs-index upon which to distribute future safety/security funding.

In addition to the eight state-funded projects that could come to fruition, 13 schools with the District have been approved for security cameras and lighting. These projects will be paid for by major maintenance funds – totaling $520,000. The projects will take place at Sagewood, Oregon Trail, Verda James, Crest Hill, Park, Paradise Valley, Manor Heights, Evansville, Grant, Centennial, University Park, Willard, Westwood.

KWHS Construction Report

Next, the committee discussed the pool building at KWHS. Previously, the committee had decided to retain the wood shop, which is adjacent to the pool building, and some part of the metal shop building as well, to use for storage and miscellaneous purposes. Bay presented a letter from RB+B Architects that explained the drawback to keeping the entire metal shop. Those issues were traffic flow and a decrease in parking. In the letter, RB+B stated that the wood shop and 30 feet of the metal shop is acceptable to the design, but retaining the entire metal shop is not recommended. The committee decided to accept that recommendation and only retain 30 feet of the metal shop. Bay told the group that it will cost nearly $17,000 to change the design of the road and parking lot to accommodate the additional square footage. Bay was tasked with bringing forward to the Board Budget Development Committee the costs for design and construction of the additional space. Additionally a design charrette process will be held to determine what renovations might be included for the pool building.

KWHS Gym Roof Height

Next, Bay gave the committee a recap of the gym height issue at KWHS. Originally, the SFD’s guidelines called for them to pay for gymnasiums with an interior space height of 24 feet. It was pointed out to the SFD that the Wyoming High School Activities Association rulebook stipulates that state regional tournament facilities must have at least 25 feet of interior space height. Because of this new information, the state raised their own guidelines to meet the 25-foot criteria. The gym at KWHS was designed for 26 feet of interior space height to meet capacity demands, so the District will have to pay for the additional one foot as an enhancement. Bay said this will cost approximately $40,000. The extra foot has already been bid and constructed.

As a result of this conversation, Bay was asked to bring the enhancement budgets for both the KWHS and NCHS projects to the next Construction Steering Committee meeting.

CAPS Equipment Outside of FF&E

Bay told the group he is trying to determine what the equipment and classroom costs to starting up the Center for Advanced and Professional Studies (CAPS) facility will be. Bay passed around an extensive list of academies equipment requests that are above and beyond what the traditional FF&E budget will pay for. The total of all the requested equipment (not counting FF&E) is approximately $3.6 million. The group will work with District staff to fund the items and determine priority levels for each piece of equipment.

Proposed Cell Tower Installation at KWHS

Doug Tunison provided an update to the cell tower installation project at KWHS. He said that Verizon has informed them that they are putting their project on hold, however Union Wireless is still interested and would like to know what type of facility we would like them to construct to accommodate their tower. As discussed, the tower would be mounted on the top of a new northwest stadium light tower. Union would install four new light towers as part of the project. The cost would be worked into the rental agreement. The committee agreed that Tunison should continue to pursue a proposal that they can review.

Other Items

  • Bay said he has been having trouble getting in touch with the property manager for the Goodstein property – a possibility to increase the NCHS campus
  • Bay said he has heard there is available property just east of Ash Street near the NCHS campus as well
  • Midwest kitchen has had their natural gas shut off for testing purposes – results are coming soon
  • There are on-going studies regarding the Southridge Elementary foundation settlement

The next Construction Steering Committee meeting is scheduled for November 21.

Attendance: Kevin Christopherson, Rita Walsh, Dana Howie, Paula Reid, Steve Hopkins, Dennis Bay, Doug Tunison, Allen Bruggman



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