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Looking Ahead: Human Resources Stakeholder Committee plans for 2014-2015

Executive Director of Human Resources Mike Bond opened the meeting by welcoming committee members and reviewing the HR Division Mission and Initiatives. It was agreed the purpose of the committee is to make consultative decisions and provide recommendations regarding the Human Resources Division to Cabinet.

 Human Resources Stakeholder Committee 2014-2015 Year Ahead

The committee discussed the Stakeholder Satisfaction Strategic Improvement Plan and reviewed District Strategic Goals and Strategies, specifically related to the internal customer service survey. Committee Members reviewed four primary questions (listed below) in groups and then shared their ideas with the committee.

Customer Service Survey- Internal Customers

  1. How can we insure employees take survey?
  • Intention communicated well
  • Utilize first-class, school folders and at site meetings
  • Make it as easy at possible
  • Competition between groups
  • Clear concrete questions
  • Specific questions- what the survey pertains directly to
  • Frequency of survey’s
  • Share results and actions that are taken
  • Make sure there is meaning around it
  • Make an incentive??? Random prize
  • Set deadline- employees time to take the survey
  • Built into a staff meeting, deliberate and giving time
  1. How can we insure the survey will help us improve?
  • Take feedback into consideration
  • Have a follow-up to feedback
  • Ask the right questions
  • Specific and direct
  • Know the reasons behind the survey
  • Make sure we are taking action on survey data
  • Make questions and outcomes relevant to the customer
  • Public reporting and feedback regarding data- show results
  1. To whom can it be sent? 
  • Individual service survey’s
  • Specific customers- event driven
  • Only to those for whom it is relevant
  1. How and how often? 
  • Not every day…do not place at the bottom of an email
  • At the end of a meeting (check-out on iPad)
  • Once a year- Feb/March time of year

 Items for Next Meeting

* Committee members: Refer questions regarding internal customer service survey, in respect to services provided by Central Office, to employee groups and bring input to next HR Stakeholder meeting.



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