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Business & Facilities Services group holds first meeting

The first meeting of the Business & Facilities Services stakeholder committee occurred in the Westwood Room at Central Services on October 16.

Superintendent Steve Hopkins oriented the group to the Leadership Structure for the district. He stated the committee existed to provide a “consultive model” of communication and problem solving to Cabinet. Cabinet will take issues and route them to the appropriate committee to gather ideas and suggestions. The committee would then formulate a recommendation that would go back to Cabinet for consideration.

Kelly Eastes gave an overview of a draft communication plan to the group. The plan is intended to increase and improve communication in the District as a whole. The plan would utilize the many platforms for communication currently available to staff.

  • Some highlights are:
    • FirstClass would become an email-only tool and would be cleaned out.
    • Documents and important staff resources and information would be hosted on a new intranet site. Staff would login and gain access to benefits, timecards, documents, calendars and important information.
    • The current website will be taken down and replaced by a more marketing oriented site for parents and the outside community to locate resources, contact information and great stories about the district.
    • Specific emails will go out to Leadership, staff and parents on a regular basis and will contain information pertinent to them.

The committee then received an update on LINKS work from Ryan Kelly.

  • Some highlights are:
    • AESOP/Subtracker will eliminate paperwork for substitutes.
    • Timecard Online – preparing system and writing business rules.
    • Credit Cards – currently working with a bank to begin using credit cards.
    • Recruitment Management will replace applicant online with a much more user-friendly experience.
    • Laserfiche will become a data storage and sharing system for fillable forms and workflow processes.
    • Employee Online will be a place for staff to check their employment information. A training system will be developed to increase usage.

For the next meeting, timelines for each of the aforementioned items will be presented and feedback from the stakeholder’s constituents will be heard.



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