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Board Academic Steering Committee

Board Academic Steering Committee

October 13th, 2014

Members present: Elizabeth Horsch (Chair- Trustee), Rita Walsh (Trustee), Paula Reid (Trustee), Pat Keefe, Susan Sandoval (Trustee), Steve Hopkins (Superintendent), Kelly Hornby (Curriculum & Instruction) Dana Howie (Trustee), Dave Driggers (Trustee), Walt Wilcox (Curriculum & Instruction), Tanya Southerland (Communications)

Associate Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, Walt Wilcox, shared with the committee updates in regards to Wyoming Content & Performance Standards. The nine Wyoming content standards reflect what students should know and be able to complete at various levels in relations to college and career success. Included in the standards are K-12 content standards, Benchmark standards and Performance standards (common core of knowledge and skills). A National Specialty group composed of teachers, parents, administrators and research specialist review these standards on a 5-year cycle.

Curriculum and Instruction priorities for standards-based system are as follows:

  • Curriculum —> K-12 alignment and utilize data to reflect any needed changes
  • Instructional —> Classroom & materials organization and best practices in instructional design
  • Assessment —> District alignment


Superintendent Steve Hopkins noted, “there is significant and important work ahead and the conversations related to Standards-Based Education are not over. The committee will continue to share information and understand the “why” in order to have significant opportunity for input in the “how”.”

The Committee discussed a common interest in committing to a culture of being the best in the state and learn from those who are already excelling.

Next, the Academic Steering Committee reviewed the Best Practices in Science Initiative. Initial ideas and suggestions regarding the directive are listed below:


  • Possibly change “directive” to “statement of support”
  • Overall idea is for clarification in path and goals for Science
    1. Add in all content areas
  • Global statement will provide C&I the support and backing for future work
  • C&I will present additional ideas to move the initiative forward at next meeting


The Academic Steering Committee meets again on Nov. 10th, 2014 at 3:30 p.m



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