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Healthy Kids = Happy Students: Tips for cold and flu season

 NCSD school nurse Wendy Wilson offers information on keeping your student safe and healthy this cold and flu season.

  •  Teach children to cough or sneeze into the elbow
  • Practice good hand washing
  • Throw tissues away after first use; do not keep them in a pocket or backpack
    Wash hands immediately after use
  •  Avoid sharing utensils or direct contact with those who are sick


Here are some things to consider when deciding to keep your student home from school or not:

  • Does the child have a fever of 100F or above?
  • Is the child vomiting or have diarrhea?
  • Does the student have an undiagnosed or unidentified rash?
  • Does the student require more care or attention for their illness than staff can give him/her without affecting the health and safety of other children?


Upcoming Family Flu Clinics after-school hours at the Natrona County Health Department. For more information visit Natrona County Public Health Flu Clinics.

*The flu shot is not a required school immunization*


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This entry was posted on October 9, 2014 by in Community, Well-Being.

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