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Committee reviews detailed SFAC budget

The Board Construction Steering Committee met on September 19, 2014. The following items were discussed:

SFAC Budget Presentation

Dennis Bay, NCSD’s Executive Director for Business Services, told committee members that the NCHS SFAC budget was set in November of 2012 by Bassetti and GSG Architects at $14,605,396.00. GSG’s Tim Schenk went through a brief history of the project, starting by saying the project was bid in two separate packages to save time. Schenk highlighted expenditures and savings as the value engineering and construction processes occurred for the building. He told committee members that at the end of construction, the project was under budget by $108,357.05. Schenk said that the cost to reconfigure classroom space and to remove classrooms when that time comes is already incorporated into the budget. The construction of the indoor track and the other items at that time will come from a different amount of money that hasn’t been specifically earmarked or set aside yet. Superintendent Steve Hopkins asked Bay to compile a list of items that will need to be purchased in the future.

Bay picked up the budget discussion by explaining that after an FF&E transfer and a purchase of IT and phone infrastructure, the budget had a deficit of $188,642.95. Bay said the mistake happened because the line item for the IT and phone equipment should have been in the original budget, but it was not. Bay told committee members that we continue to negotiate with the state about that infrastructure cost, and possible reimbursement, because the additions were due to programming necessities after the $14.6 million budget was established. Bay is set to meet with the SFD director during the week of Sept. 22.

KWHS Pool Enhancement Design Fee

Next, the committee turned its attention to the KWHS project. Bay showed the committee a map showing how the planned road and traffic flow would be impacted if all of the current metal shop is saved as part of the remodeled pool building. The state has said their only financial responsibility is to the pool building only, and anything else would be considered an enhancement – payable by the District. RB+B Architects has given the committee the following estimates:

  • Keeping pool and wood shop: $256,500 + design costs
  • Keeping pool, wood shop, and metal shop: $287,900 + design costs & realignment of road

The committee requested the additional costs of moving the road and changing the designs to the site before making a decision. Chairman Kevin Christopherson advocated for the additional square footage option.

NCHS CTE Outdoor Storage Building

Next, Bay spoke about CTE spaces at both new high school buildings. Bay told the committee that because of changes the total square footage of CTE space at KWHS will be 10,850 and 8,709 at NCHS. There is a proposed 1,280 square foot storage shed at NCHS, but at this time it is not planned to be included in the project. The shed is an alternate bid item, and not an enhancement. Even if the shed is constructed, it will not bring the square footage between the two CTE spaces even. However, committee members stressed that the school’s overall square footage is equitable, and the school leaders who helped to allocate space at each campus helped decide the square footage of their own CTE space.

Southridge Chiller Concrete Slab Settlement

Bay told committee members that the District hired a company to inspect why the chiller pad is settling at the Southridge Elementary campus. Inspection revealed that the soil used under the pad wasn’t the material that was specified and it wasn’t compacted either. A meeting will take place soon that will determine possible solutions to the problem. Bay noted that the entire building is affected – not just where the chiller is.

Three District-funded enhancement projects at KWHS

Bay informed the committee that there are three District funded enhancement projects at KWHS. The enlarged commons space, the enlarged gym, and additional CTE space are the three projects. Bay also told the committee that currently, through design and construction, the KWHS project is roughly $35,000 under budget.

The next Construction Steering Committee meeting is scheduled for October 3. (Later rescheduled for October 17 – tour of KWHS construction.)

Attendance: Kevin Christopherson, Rita Walsh, Dana Howie, Paula Reid, Steve Hopkins, Dennis Bay, Doug Tunison, Allen Bruggman, Eric Kimmelshue (AP-Wyoming), Tim Schenk & Shane Cates (GSG Architecture)



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