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NCHS Main Building project now under budget

The Board Construction Steering Committee met on September 5, 2014. The following items were discussed:


NCHS Main Building Update

Dennis Bay, NCSD’s Executive Director for Business Services, told committee members that the NCHS main building project is back under budget. During a meeting with district staff, contractor AP Wyoming, Consilium, and Bassetti Architects, the $4.4 million budget overage was trimmed down. Currently the project is $6,741 under budget. NCHS administration also attended the meeting and approved of all the changes. Some of the significant cost-savings came from combining construction phases 5 and 6, making budget line item corrections, making a flooring change, changing some landscaping features, and changing other interior and exterior finishes. The process was similar to the effort that took place at KWHS to trim their project total. The building finishes will be comparable to those at KWHS and RHS/CAPS.


SFAC Budget Update

Staff continues to meet in an effort to arrive at the very final dollar figure for the SFAC project. Bay and project manager Doug Tunison have been working to lower the $250,000 budget overage, and have had some success. Adding to the difficulty are minor problems that are being discovered in the SFAC that need to be fixed. Board member Dave Applegate expressed his interest in holding the contractor and architects financially accountable for the dollar figure that is in the signed contracts. Bay said in the cases that the contractor or architect are responsible, the district is holding them accountable. Bay pointed to two examples – one at KWHS and another at the SFAC. Applegate said he wants the district to learn from our experiences with the SFAC as we move further along in the major NCHS and KWHS projects.


NCHS Traffic Flow

Bay reported that the first week of school began with traffic flow issues around the NCHS campus. The district continues to make improvements on signage, with no parking, speed limit, and pedestrian signs being added to the surrounding streets. Tickets are being issued to vehicles that are parking in prohibited areas in an effort to control the parking issues. Bay has heard from a few residents and plans to address these concerns at the board meeting on September. 8.


NCHS Capacity

Committee chair Kevin Christopherson wants to hear more about the possible changes in capacity needs at NCHS with the combination of construction phases 5 and 6. He’s concerned there won’t be enough room on the campus for classroom space, and wants to be prepared with a solution if needed.


KWHS Budget Update

Bay reported that there was a budget meeting this week regarding the KWHS project. He reminded committee members that Sampson Construction had agreed to a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) at 95% design review. Now that the project has reached 100% design Sampson has said it will take an additional $500,000 to complete the project. The project has $1.6 million in contingencies, but that would take a significant hit if the $500,000 has to come from that source. Also at KWHS, the SFD has informed the district that cutting off the pool building and building new “standalone” walls will have to come from the contingency budget. Applegate said one possibility would be to use some of the legislative contingency ($4 million) for the pool building construction.


Cell Phone Tower Request

Verizon Wireless and Union Wireless have each expressed an interest in putting a cell phone tower on KWHS property. Bay said a possible permanent location could be on top of the stadium light tower(s). Bay said he would prefer the antenna array on the light poles instead of a building. Christopherson was in support of looking into it if the income from the lease could be put toward replacing the stadium lights, or possibly for track improvements in the future. Rita Walsh and Dana Howie were also in favor of looking into it. Paula Reid said she would like assurances that there is no health risk for students near the tower. Bay and Tunison will provide a report on this in the future.


Bus Hub Update

Construction onsite caused some confusion during the first several days of school at the bus hub. Also, many students weren’t registered for the transportation system, which caused other problems. Howie said she went to the bus hub and observed both the morning and afternoon switches and was impressed with NCSD’s staff that was helping students find the right buses. Tunison said he feels like the system will work much better when students learn the system. He also reported that construction is ongoing at the site, but is slowed because the contractor can only be on site for 4-5 hours each day.


Portables at North Casper and Park

Bay reported that the North Casper portable has been delivered early. He also mentioned that three old portables at Park are gone – 2 were sold, and the SFD paid to demolish the other. Park’s new portables will be delivered next week.


The next Construction Steering Committee meeting is scheduled for September 19.


Attendance: Kevin Christopherson, Paula Reid, Dana Howie, Dave Applegate, Rita Walsh, Steve Hopkins, Dennis Bay, Doug Tunison, Allen Bruggman, Tanya Southerland



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