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NCSD Bus Hub- First Day of School!

The First Day of School brings many exciting changes for students and the only thing outnumbering the big yellow buses at the new NCSD Bus Hub were the smiling faces of students!

NCSD Transportation Department is committed to providing the best experience possible for students and parents. They have spent many hours training and researching the most effective plan for operations. Bus Drivers, Monitors, Staff and  Transportation manager Sydney Webb will continue to regroup as a team to discuss ways to make the Bus Hub and Transportation services better each day.  Persons wanting to offer feedback or obtain additional information regarding the NCSD Bus Hub can email

Visit the NCSD Transportation page for more information regarding bus stops, routes, the Bus Stop Request Form, and additional bus hub information.



  For an Exciting Sneak Peek Into the First Day of School Operations at the NCSD Bus Hub Watch Our Below Video!



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This entry was posted on September 2, 2014 by in Community.

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