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SFAC budget, NCHS parking, bus hub among items discussed

The Board Construction Steering Committee met on August 25, 2014. The following items were discussed:


NCHS Project

Project Budget: Dennis Bay, NCSD’s Executive Director for Business Services, told committee members that AP Wyoming, NCHS’s renovation contractor, has developed a list of Value Engineering (VE) items that has produced a $3.35 million cost savings. This is part of an effort to get the NC project back on budget. Bay will meet with AP, Consilium, and Bassetti Architects to go through these cost savings items. Bay mentioned that none of these cuts will impact square footage, program space, etc. Bassetti has already rejected over $550,000 of proposed changes to the design.

Project Schedule: AP and Bassetti have agreed to combine Phases 5 and 6 of the project, which could save $731,000 because of the shorter construction schedule. NC principal Dean Kelly said he and his staff have given the idea a lot of thought and approve of the combination. Kelly said it would not impact student transition on campus, but will cause the classroom usage rate to increase from 80-85% to 95-100%. That would leave little to no empty classrooms. The combination of the phases would include the addition of a portable classroom to add extra space. Board member Kevin Christopherson advised that NCSD should be prepared to add more portables to avoid overfilling the available space. The combination of the phases also wouldn’t change the final completion date – that date will remain July 2018. The committee gave its approval of the combination of the phases.

Parking Update: Bay showed the committee how the number of parking spaces have and will change throughout construction on NC’s campus.

Before Construction:                       634

At start of SFAC Construction:       605

During Phases 3 & 4 (present):   537 (minus a few spaces on 10th St.)

During Phases 5 & 6:                     618

At completion:                                  722


Kelly told the committee he believes that some students will end up parking in the neighborhoods to the south and west of campus if they can’t find spaces in the designated lots. Kelly also said sophomores will not be allowed to purchase parking passes in an effort to decrease the number of vehicles on campus. Board member Dave Applegate suggested that the district be prepared to lease parking space, if parking becomes an issue. The committee asked the district to look into the Goodstein property at the corner of Collins and Ash to see if that space could present parking options.


Swing Space/SFAC

FF&E: Bay presented a Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E) budget from Dean Kelly for $292,000 – the dollar figure the state allotted for FF&E. Kelly walked through the request list, pointing out that they’re purchasing equipment for a PE facility, with function and safety being top priorities. Kelly explained that he received a more comprehensive list from his staff but pared it down to meet the state’s budget. He also pointed out that all of the items on the list except “lockable storage” will be for permanent PE use in the building. He stressed that these items are for PE labs. The committee commended the list, saying all the items should fill the needs of the facility.

Budget: Bay reported that the contingency budget for the SFAC project still has $85,700 remaining. However, in order to completely finish the building we will need an additional $254,800 – meaning the project is $254,800 over budget. Bay said the money will come out of the additional $4 million that was set aside by the state. Applegate expressed his frustrations that the budget overage hasn’t been communicated better. He requested a written out report of why the project is over budget.


Old CYJH Elementary School

Bay reported that RB+B is about two weeks away from finishing drawings of the swing space gyms on the current site.


Update on Portables

North Casper: New portable is set to be delivered on September 10 for temporary classrooms; it should be functional by October 1

Park: Will move two old portables off site, another portable will be demolished on site if it isn’t purchased by the same individual who bought the other two. Two new portables (4 classrooms) will be functional by October 1.


Bus Hub Update

Bay reported that the building is ready to go, as is the bus lane on Center Street. Doug Tunison reported that the hub should be ready to go for the start of school on September 2.

The next Construction Steering Committee meeting is scheduled for September 5.


Attendance: Kevin Christopherson, Paula Reid, Pat Keefe, Dana Howie, Dave Applegate, Rita Walsh, Steve Hopkins, Dennis Bay, Doug Tunison, Dean Kelly, Allen Bruggman, Tanya Southerland



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