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Committee hears options for retention of KWHS gym space

The Board Construction Steering Committee met on August 1, 2014. The following items were discussed:


NCHS Budget/Auditorium

Dennis Bay, NCSD’s Executive Director for Business Services, told committee members that currently Bassetti’s (NCHS project architect) budget estimate is $4.4 million over the budgeted amount. At this time the project is nearing the 95% design mark. There aren’t any easily identifiable places to cut from the budget because many of the tasks have already been bid. There are design, bidding, and construction contingencies (about $5-6 million) but Bay has asked Bassetti not to depend on that money because there may be issues that arise throughout the length of the project that will need those funds.

Also while discussing NCHS, Bay presented a letter from Bassetti that outlined the rationale behind the estimated cost of the auditorium remodel – which is now at $1.13 million. That total is over the state’s $750,000 recommendation for an auditorium. Bay said Bassetti’s letter gives compelling rationale for why the number is what it is. The committee also discussed the news that the money will be attempted to be raised to purchase an orchestra pit lift for the auditorium, at a cost of $350,000.


CYJH Gym Update

Ken Field of RB+B Architects who was in attendance to present cost options to save one or both of the existing KWHS gyms was able to give an update on the CYJH Gym issue. Field reported that they are close to beginning design work on the “swing space” gym, and they could start as soon as Monday, Aug. 4.


KWHS Pool Space

The committee members discussed two separate options involving the buildings connected to the existing pool. Option 1 would leave the wood shop connected to the pool building plus about half of the metal shop as well. Option 2 would leave both the wood shop and the metal shop in an effort to possibly save money by including mechanical pieces that are in those existing buildings. Bay noted that the state will pay for reconnection of utilities and closure of walls to make the building free-standing – but nothing else. Field was asked to look into those options, and to also design an entryway for the building.


KWHS Gym Space

Next, Field presented on the options of keeping the existing KWHS gym buildings. Field started by telling the committee that each of the options would require a redesign of the parking lots and the service roads. All three scenarios include about 50 lost parking spaces. Field also summarized a few of the challenges in keeping one or both buildings. He specifically pointed out the part of the building that connects the gyms (currently the music/lockers area) to the rest of the building would be too difficult to keep. Field outlined the options as follows:

  1. Keep both gyms
  2. Keep main gym only – smaller footprint
  3. Keep auxiliary gym only – provides least impact on current design

Next, Field discussed considerations for the committee members. He pointed out the site redesign, cost impact, schedule impact, and other modifications that would have to be made to the buildings to meet code and ADA compliance. He also mentioned the needs for asbestos removal/containment.

After these considerations, Field presented a very preliminary cost estimate of $1.36 million to keep the two gyms – a cost that does not include other unknowns, contingencies, or the cost to re-purpose the building(s).


Construction Update

KWHS: construction is proceeding nicely; roofing should begin in the middle of August

SFAC: has reached punchlist status

CAPS/RHS: progress is proceeding great

Lincoln Elem: progress is proceeding great

New westside elementary school: we’re a step closer to starting design on this school on the old CYJH site


The next Construction Steering Committee meeting is scheduled for August 25.


Attendance: Kevin Christopherson, Paula Reid, Pat Keefe, Dana Howie, Steve Hopkins, Dennis Bay, Doug Tunison, Ken Field (RB+B), Allen Bruggman



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