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Committee discusses SFAC budget overage

The Board Construction Steering Committee met on July 18, 2014. The following items were discussed:


Update on Minimal Gym Renovations at old CYJH Campus

Dennis Bay, NCSD’s Executive Director for Business Services, told committee members that he’s expecting an updated design contract from RB+B Architects for the minimal renovations work that will be done to the old CYJH gymnasiums later today (July 18). Bay also informed the committee that when construction starts at the site, after-school athletic practices will not be impacted – the work will be scheduled around those times. Bay also told the committee he will send a letter to the SFC telling them about the Board’s action on June 23 to save the CYJH gyms as an enhancement.


Status of SFD’s Security Analysis for School Buildings

Bay told the committee that the SFD is in the process of hiring a consultant who will develop guidelines for ranking the security needs of all the state’s school buildings. The consultant should be hired by October 31 of this year. Once the consultant is in place, and develops their guidelines, they will tour the state’s 48 districts and compile a list of what needs to be improved. Bay expects this process to last through calendar year 2015.

The committee members spoke of the difficult spot the Board is in because of this extended timeline. If NCSD wants the state to pay for needed security improvements at our schools, NCSD needs to wait until the security audit takes place – even if the improvements are needed now.


Review of District’s Prioritization List of Schools for Security Items for District Funding

Bay and NCSD’s Risk Manager, Andrea Nester, have taken Bay’s initial “School Security Needs” priority list and re-worked it to prioritize the schools. Different projects were noted on the list, including: building vestibules, safety glass, internal door locks, intercoms at entries, office locations, etc. Bay confirmed that funding for these projects could come from the District’s Major Maintenance Fund. He also informed the committee that currently two-thirds of that Major Maintenance Fund is tied up in the Dean Morgan Junior High renovation project – expected to be on-going into the 2016-17 school year. Committee chair Kevin Christopherson asked Bay to show the committee a fund balance of the Major Maintenance Fund at a future meeting.


NCHS SFAC Construction Budget Increase by SFD

Due to various changes, all the contingencies included in the SFAC budget are scheduled to be spent. Even with those contingencies, the cost to finish construction is projected to be $250,000 over-budget. Bay and NCSD Superintendent Steve Hopkins have approached the SFD about using a portion of the additional state-allocated $4 million that was designated for KWHS and NCHS construction to cover the $250,000, and the SFD has agreed. As a result, NCSD will not have to pull from the SFAC’s Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E) budget to complete construction.


Procurement of FF&E; How is FF&E completed? Review of SFD Guidelines

Bay shared SFD’s current FF&E guidelines – a definition of what is considered FF&E, and what is considered to be a ‘construction cost’. Bay told the committee that the SFD allows for 6.3% of the total project cost when setting an FF&E budget on completely new buildings (Summit, new west side capacity school on old CYJH site), and 4.2% of the total project cost on replacement buildings (Southridge, CAPS/RHS). At this time Bay is going through a previously compiled equipment list for the CAPS building and asking Academy coaches and leaders to sift through the list and re-prioritize it. Once that task is completed NCSD can determine what the FF&E budget can pay for, and what will need to be purchased through different avenues (possibly through solicited donations).


Update on Retention of Existing KWHS Main & Auxiliary Gyms after KWHS Demolition in 2016

Bay has asked representatives of RB+B Architects to prepare an estimate on what it would cost to keep the main and auxiliary gyms on the current KWHS campus after the demolition of the rest of the old campus in 2016. Bay told the committee that significant redesign work would need to be done to fit the gyms into the new campus design. RB+B will be prepared to present their preliminary numbers at the August 1 meeting. Christopherson said he is interested in saving that space because it’s square-footage that would be quite useful for many purposes when the new KWHS campus opens.


The next Construction Steering Committee meeting is scheduled for August 1.


Attendance: Kevin Christopherson, Paula Reid, Rita Walsh, Steve Hopkins, Dennis Bay, Allen Bruggman



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