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Trojan Trek Student Blog Series – Emma Meyer

Editor’s note: Over the next several weeks, we will feature guest blogs from Kelly Walsh High School students. They will share their personal story of why they are involved in the upcoming Trojan Trek to benefit the Angels Cancer Care Program. The Trojan Trek will take place in June when participants will walk the track for 720 hours. If you are interested in participating, walkers are asked to raise at least $100 in pledges and donations for every hour spent on the track. Register online at or call Jillian Riddle, Angels Cancer Care coordinator, at 577-4355 to find an open slot or to donate money to someone else’s trek.

Cancer, as defined by Webster’s Dictionary, is “a serious disease caused by cells that are not normal and that can spread to one or many parts of the body,” and “something bad or dangerous that causes other bad things to happen.” To the brilliant minds that collaborate to provide the cold hard factual definitions within the dictionary, I believe you are utterly and completely wrong in your definition of cancer. 

Cancer is a disease. Cancer is bad. That is true. That is nothing individuals doubt or question. However, there is so much more to cancer than what the definition portrays.  Cancer does not “cause other bad things to happen”. That is where I wholeheartedly disagree. Cancer, in all it contains, creates hope.

The Trojan Trek is running in its second summer, and the amount of community support through walking and donating can not be anything less than hopeful. Kelly Walsh High School has worked hard to spread the word, and bolster community involvement-which was not necessarily difficult. Why? Because cancer does not lead to bad things. Cancer creates hope in what could be better, support where it is so desperately needed, and the joy in knowing that brighter days are yet ahead, and life can still be beautiful. You’ve heard it numerous times that “we all have a connection to cancer”.  To me personally, there is something amazing to be said about that. It is hopeful to know that something so awful can bring a whole community together for one event. Cancer is bad, but what is causes, within Casper and within Kelly Walsh, is not.

The definition of hope according to the same dictionary is “ to want something to happen or be true and think that it could happen or be true.” The Trojan Trek takes hope  a step further- action. Anyone can donate to a charitable cause. But to have Kelly Walsh Trojans, family members, cancer survivors, and various members of the community sign up to walk at early hours and late at night on the Kelly Walsh track is an amazing event to be a part of. It isn’t just about the money (which of course is awesome and helps in so many ways). It is about that missing piece in the definition. The Trojan Trek is about community and a world maybe not ever possible of being free of cancer, but not worse because of it.

Hope is free, give it.

About the Author

Emma (right) will be a senior at Kelly Walsh this year. She is an Executive Board Member within Student Council, and is also involved in DECA, Honor Society, the yearbook, and soccer. She loves to enjoy coffee while reading and writing, and adores traveling. Emma is pursuing an interest in journalism.


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