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Trojan Trek Student Blog Series – Abbey Kersenbrock

Editor’s note: Over the next several weeks, we will feature guest blogs from Kelly Walsh High School students. They will share their personal story of why they are involved in the upcoming Trojan Trek to benefit the Angels Cancer Care Program. The Trojan Trek will take place in June when participants will walk the track for 720 hours. If you are interested in participating, walkers are asked to raise at least $100 in pledges and donations for every hour spent on the track. Register online at or call Jillian Riddle, Angels Cancer Care coordinator, at 577-4355 to find an open slot or to donate money to someone else’s trek.

For the Trojans of Kelly Walsh High School, the Trojan Trek goes deeper than just a fundraiser and a walk. The Trek is for the feeling a bald woman receiving chemotherapy gets wearing her brand new wig, the sigh of relief for a struggling family when their power bill is taken care of for the month, the ride to a doctors appointment when no other transportation is available, or the hot meal on the dinner table when the going gets tough. With the funds raised from this event, we have the chance to see so many more of these joyful moments in times of pain. For someone to receive the news of a cancer diagnosis is without a doubt life changing in the worst way; however, with the help of the Trojan Trek, the Angel Cancer Care Program has the ability to make the journey to recovery an easier ride.

The truth of the matter is everyone has to deal with cancer at one point or another. Having connections of my own to the illness, the annual walk brings a new level of emotions to the table and fuels my passion for the cause even further. Directly or indirectly it has found a way into the lives of everybody.  Our principal, Brad Diller, recognized that when this idea came to him. He also knew that together, as a community, we have the amazing opportunity to take a stand against cancer and symbolize something bigger than ourselves.

From the standpoint of a student at Kelly Walsh and a dedicated member of our student council, this project leaves me speechless. I am in awe of our generous community, the hundreds of walkers, the donations, and especially the Angels at Wyoming Medical Center.  In the beginning, there are always doubts of how something may turn out, but we have been amazed at the amount of money raised and the success we have achieved these past two years. I am inspired just thinking about the possibilities of this project not only this year with our goal of $72,000 and 720 hours of walking, but in the many years to come. With that I will leave you with these words from Margaret Mead, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.”

About the Author

AbbeyAbbey Kersenbrock (left) will be a junior at Kelly Walsh next school year. She will serve as class president for the third year. She loves traveling, spending time with her family and friends, and being a Kelly Walsh Trojan.


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