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Committee hears cost estimate to retain old gyms

The Board Construction Steering Committee met on June 6, 2014. The following items were discussed:

Retaining Existing Gyms at Old CYJHS Site

Representatives of RB+B Architects were in attendance to brief committee members on the estimate sheet they provided showing the “least cost” option for keeping the auxiliary and main gyms at the old CYJHS site. RB+B looked through several options and determined it would be most cost effective to save the two gyms, but not the locker rooms.

Summary of updates explained by RB+B:

  • For code purposes, must add male/female restrooms
  • Must address deteriorating wood siding
  • Roof patch and repair
  • Mechanical (plumbing/HVAC) and electrical make up the majority of the estimate (approx. 50%) which includes all new utilities to the building
  • Sidewalks, sewer, and minor landscaping improvements
  • The final cost estimate is just over $725,000 to get the gyms functional without design fees

Superintendent Steve Hopkins then updated committee members of his recent conversations with the state of Wyoming. These conversations centered around three scenarios regarding the CYJHS gyms.

  1. Demolish everything at the site, including the gyms
  2. Demolish everything at the site, excluding the gyms – state pays for the gyms to be used as swing space for the high schools during their construction periods
  3. NCSD pays for the gyms to be renovated for use as swing space, then asks the state to demolish the buildings when the swing space is no longer needed (at the end of the NCHS renovation project, 2018)

Hopkins told the committee members that the state will demolish the gyms at no cost, but as far as they see it, the swing space issue for NCHS has already been resolved with the construction of the SFAC. The state also told NCSD they could not foresee a scenario where they would pay to demolish the buildings in the future.

(In a separate issue mentioned at this time, Hopkins did say the state agreed to pay to make the existing KWHS pool a standalone pool during demolition of the rest of the building, because the pool is connected to the scope of the main project.)

Hopkins told the committee he has and will continue to talk with NCHS regarding the need for more gym practice space, or if they would rather those funds be used for a different priority. Other options for possible gym space include rented space, or possibly busing students to Poison Spider School’s gym. Hopkins and Dennis Bay, NCSD’s Executive Director of Business Services, will bring options soon regarding other gym space options.

After the options discussion, Dave Applegate asked RB+B to provide a revised estimate that would make the gyms functional simply as swing space for a 4-year time period. RB+B said they can provide a more stripped down estimate by Friday, June 13.

Before the RB+B architects left, they informed the committee that work is progressing well at KWHS, and that a signed guaranteed maximum price (GMP) agreement is imminent.

Update on NCHS Theatre Renovation and Estimated Costs

At the previous Construction Steering Committee meeting Bay informed the members that as a result of renovations being made to NCHS’s auditorium, patron capacity will decrease from 1,200 to approximately 835. The reduction in capacity is due to the need to renovate the seating to meet code, to add legroom, and to meet ADA standards. Bay told committee members that it’s important to remember that the state has agreed to pay for a high school theater, not a professional performance venue.

On June 6, Bay told the committee that the situation continues to evolve. As it was designed the estimated cost to renovate just the auditorium equipment is $1.2-$1.3 million. Bay said the state told NCSD at the 65% Value Engineering milepost that they will only fund auditorium renovations up to $750,000. Currently NCSD is waiting on a document from the state that will increase the funding by a few thousand dollars – but the situation does not have a final result in sight.

Committee members discussed the state choosing certain aspects of the budget to pore over and analyze – saying other projects have not received this type of scrutiny. Committee members discussed the validity of having a higher budget for the NCHS auditorium, saying the theater is a larger space than any other theater spaces in the state, and because it is a historical building being renovated.

The next Construction Steering Committee meeting is scheduled for June 20 where Bay will present prioritized security and safety improvements and also prioritized CAPS equipment lists.

Attendance: Kevin Christopherson, Dave Applegate, Paula Reid, Pat Keefe, Steve Hopkins, Dennis Bay, Allen Bruggman, RB+B Architects (Ken Field, Matt Arabasz, and Eleanor Burke)



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