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Group reviews past year; plans future work

Goal Celebration

Committee set clear goals for the year and were able to accomplish the majority of the goals set forward. The group reported out on accomplishments they are proud of:

Continue to honor parent voice
Policy 5341 consistency and building continuity
Voice of the student survey to listen to students
Unit reallocation
MS Nordic Ski and Swim
Beginning work of 9th Grade Cut Policy
System for units is working, matrix providing a good guideline for each year

9th Grade Cut Policy Recommendation

Recommendation: The district supports an environment encouraging all NCSD students to participate in co-curricular activities. The nature of some co-curricular activities may require a selection process determined by the coach/sponsor and supported by the high school’s administration and district administration.

This decision should be clearly communicated in places such as: coaching handbooks, annual enrollment guides, open houses, etc., so parents and students are aware.

Coaches/sponsors need to be up front with parents that in some sports there will be cuts and encourage kids to search out another activity to get involved in.

8th Grade Participation in HS Practice

Currently acceptable with WHSAA guidelines for 8th grade to practice with HS teams and is a current practice within the district.

How do we encourage participation without falling to undue influence?

Sub-Committee DRAFT Recommendation: District will allow only current eligible HS students, in grades 9-12, to attend HS sports practices.

There is a desire to gather more information and to get the coaches/sponsors voice in the room and find out their thoughts on this practice before the recommendation is made.

Membership for 2014-15

The group made recommendations for who should be at the meeting.
Current: Employee Reps in NCEA, NCASE, NCAESS, SEIO, Parent Reps, Cabinet, HR Rep, Athletic Directors, Activities and Athletics Staff.

Add: More parent reps and middle level activities/athletics facilitator

Priorities for Future Work

Members brainstormed issues/opportunities to work on for next year. These items will be sent on to the superintendent for review and his assignment(s) for the group.

Units Used Report

Of the 4,944 units allocated, 4,688.66 have been used to day. That equals to 95% of the units allocated have been used.
Around 250 units leftover = $125,000

Other News….
Kevin Padgett suggested a standard tracking form for co-curricular participation for each school.

The Co-Curricular Standing Committee has recessed for the summer and will convene again in September 2014.

Members Present: Shannon Jackett (parent), Chris Tobin (NCASE), Ann LaPlante- Miles (NCASE), Larry Moeber (NCHS Athletics), Sheila McHattie (NCEA), Kevin Padgett (NCASE), Rose Hill (NCAESS), Shauna VanderLinden (staff), Terry Hooker (staff), Shannon Fischer (staff), Kellie Olson (staff), Dr. Mark Mathern (cabinet), Susan Balfour (NCEA), Gary Ukele (staff), Ryan Kelly (staff), Connie Brasel (SEIO)



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