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Committee updated on high school projects

The Board Construction Steering Committee met on May 9, 2014. The following items were discussed:

Debrief of Bond outcome

The members in attendance, along with Superintendent Steve Hopkins discussed their thoughts about the failure of the bond election. Many members opined that the task force should have reached out to the periphery of the community/county better prior to the election. The committee began an extremely early discussion about a Plan B as a result of the bond failure. They agreed the next steps should include prioritizing the various equipment and facility needs. Dave Applegate asked for a room-by-room prioritization list for the equipment needs at the Center for Advanced and Professional Studies (CAPS). Applegate also requested a very specific look at the safety needs for each school in the District.

Old CYMS gyms – future plans

At the previous Construction Steering Committee Meeting in April, it was decided to save the main and auxiliary gyms at the site of the old CY Middle School. However, due to the bond failure, and the resulting tightening of District funds for other projects, it is no longer feasible to save both gyms. (The state of Wyoming will pay for demolition.) Applegate presented the idea to keep the gyms, but to ask the state to pay for them to be used as swing space for athletic/physical education space during the high school construction. (The new gym as NCHS won’t be built until Phase 4 of that project.) Dennis Bay, NCSD’s Executive Director for Business Services, was asked to find out the bare minimum cost that would be associated with making the gyms function as athletic swing space.

NCHS Auditorium/Theatre information

Bay informed the committee that as a result of renovations being made to NCHS’s auditorium, capacity will decrease from 1,200 to approximately 835. The reduction in capacity is due to the need to renovate the seating to meet code, to add seating space, to add legroom, and to meet ADA standards. Bay told committee members that it’s important to remember that the state has agreed to pay for a high school theater, not a professional performance venue. It was noted that some community groups that use the theater have expressed concern over the reduction in seating. During construction, NCHS students will use a small stage that will be in the SFAC.

KWHS and NCHS projects’ budget status

Next, Bay gave an update on the budget status of the construction projects at KWHS and NCHS. The new guaranteed maximum price (GMP) for KWHS is $80,236,982. This figure includes contingencies, skylights, interior brick in the commons area, interior wood paneling, and athletic lockers. Bay noted that Sampson Construction has modified their estimates to meet the District’s requests, and is now under budget.

At NCHS, AP-Wyoming has already signed their GMP, but reported a $5 million overage on their budget. They have worked with Bassetti Architects to close that overage, but are still showing an overage of approximately $2 million. The process will continue until the overage is minimized further.

The next Construction Steering Committee meeting is scheduled for May 16, and will be a tour of the SFAC construction on NCHS’s campus. The next meeting after that is scheduled for June 6.

Attendance: Kevin Christopherson, Dave Applegate, Paula Reid, Pat Keefe, Rita Walsh, Steve Hopkins, Dennis Bay, Allen Bruggman



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