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Town Invests in School Safety

Stop by any school right away in the morning or as the dismissal bell is sounding for the day. You will most likely see a steady stream of vehicles. Parents are there to drop off their kids or to pick them up. At most schools, what looks like chaos from the outside is really controlled traffic that most parents understand. School leaders have done the best they can with what they have to create a safe solution for parent drop off and pick up.

For schools like Evansville Elementary, they were dealing with limited space as the school building is located right in the middle of long established neighborhood. The one-way street in front of Evansville Elementary also doubled as the parent drop off and pick up.

“It was a mess. There really was no place for parents to park or stop to safely let their children out,” said Mike Britt, Evansville principal. “So we had some people just stopping in the middle of the road and kids darting across the street.”

After seeing this day after day and after hearing feedback from staff, concerned residents and some parents, Mr. Britt went to the town of Evansville for help. “Since we are the only school in this community, we have a strong partnership with the town,” said Britt.

The town of Evansville answered with a nearly $30,000 investment in the safety of the kids, drivers and other community members. Last summer, the town built a new drive through loop in a vacant field just north of the school. The one-way loop allows for a safe place for parents to stop and let their children out or to pick them up. Instead of crossing a busy street, the kids are dropped off right at the edge of the playground. Mr. Britt is appreciative of the support from the town of Evansville and feels this sends a strong message to the students of Evansville Elementary.

“The town obviously sees this school as an important hub of our community. It shows a true investment in a safe operation for our kids and our community.”

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