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Technology Standing Committee – 4-3-14

The Tech Committee held its regularly scheduled meeting on April 3, 2014.

The committee discussed the presentation to the board on March 24. The group said they were very impressed by the video. The board wanted to know what they could do to help with bandwidth. Following up on that, Drew updated the group on infrastructure and bandwidth. He mentioned that he is working on a budget request to help with improving the situation. He introduced a bandwidth gap analysis. The state provides 200 mb for the entire district. The standard is one mb per student. To get to that level of service, the infrastructure needs to be one 450 mb feed per school. Currently, most schools have roughly 54 mb per school. To re-wire schools, it would cost $705,000.

The committee then worked to craft a process to review the 35 building tech plans. They decided the following to help with the process:

  • Pre-training will be provided prior to the reviews.
  • Teams of three will have a tech knowhow and instructional knowhow
  • This process is set up to assist schools with their tech plans, this is a model of growth
  • You will not score your own schools plan
  • Every plan scored twice if one is not advancing through the process
  • Feedback needs to be constructive

The group again discussed how to limit use of bandwidth. They talked about which sites have educational value and which do not. Streaming video and music for pleasure was listed as the primary drain on bandwidth and they discussed some thoughts on how to limit the use.

Association feedback included:

NCASE – teacher machine updates, parent concerns about campus portals in elementary schools

SEIO – nothing

NCAESS – nothing

NCEA – nothing

Parents – access to elementary infinite campus portals



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